Spring 2016 Posters

Martina Bernal, Establishing a Permanent Placement Through Therapeutic Practice
David Bishel, Theory Change by Scientific Revolution: An Assessment of Kuhnian Revolutions
Jocelyn Camarillo, The Importance of Latino Parent Involvement within the K-12 School System
Griffin Cheek, The Role of Anxiety in Perceiving Instructor Behaviors
Janeth Garcia, Genetically Modified Embryos
Aubrey Glidden, Learning Disabled and Gifted: Social Emotional Aspects of Mainstreaming
Joslyn Hillberg, Strangers are Humans
Britney Johnston, The Endangerment of Big Cats in Africa and Asia due to Habitat Depletion
Nicole Kluenker, In Utero Development of Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
Brett Martin, Impact of Piracy in Digital Textbooks
Anela Medeiros, Comparing Habitat Preference and Diet Composition of Sympatric Owls in the State of Washington
Jynessa Mendoza, The Chicano/a Fight for Equality through Education
Alicia Montanez, RUNESPEAKER
Tyler Nyquist, Job Satisfaction & Workplace Deviance As a Result of Abusive Management
Tatiana Olivera, BROMANCE: An in-depth look at heterosexual male friendships
Emilie Pepito, Bias Chosen and Bias Learnt: The Dangers of Personalised Algorithms and Priming
Gabriella Peralta, Social Media and its Effects on Relational Communication
Jordan Porter, Fractals: Psychedelically Mathematical
Rebecca Rooker, Cleopatra VII: Shrewd Sovereign or "Wanton" Woman?
Joshua Tanis, The Divinity of Jesus in Early Christian Thought
Stoney Thao, Social Media Reaching Cultural Communities
Taiga Yamaguchi, Multiple Studies Approach: Solution to Ocean Acidification
Jesse Young, The Unliberated Life Under the Technologically Rational Administration of Life and Culture: The Utilityof a Liberal Education