Soundings Front Cover.pdf

The Terror that Never Arrives.pdf
Giles Beilby (CSU Stanislaus)

With One Foot Here and the Other One There: Blurring the Boundaries of Home and Exile.pdf
Alba Cruz-Hacker (CSU San Bernardino)

Feminist Theory and International Relations: The Feminist Challenge to Realism and Liberalism.pdf
Tricia Ruiz (CSU Hayward)

The Ideal Woman.pdf
Jennifer Holt (CSU Stanislaus)

Reporting Child Maltreatment: Challenges Faced by Teachers.pdf
Natalie B. Morejohn (CSU Stanislaus)

The Infinite Wisdom of Georg Cantor.pdf
Dan Westerman (CSU Stanislaus)

Tony Darrin Kelly, II (CSU Bakersfield)


Biological Research

Exploration of a Lung Cancer Cell Line: Resistance and Sensitivity to Taxol.pdf
Eliza Hyatt (CSU Stanislaus)

The Effects of Cigarette Smoke on the Process of Angiogenesis.pdf
Aaron Rossie (CSU Stanislaus)

Sustainability Research

America, the Clean and the Beautiful: An Argument for the Switch to Renewable Energy Sources.pdf
Katie Shadden-Westerman (CSU Stanislaus)

Development in California€™s Communities: Assessing the Value of Sustainable Practices.pdf
Christina Walley (CSU Stanislaus)

Psychological/Communication Research

Interpersonal Compatibility and Social Loafing: An Introduction to a Study.pdf
Martin Lanik (CSU Stanislaus)

Nonverbal Communication in the Employment Interview: Gender Differences in Impression Management Techniques.pdf
Rebecca Vickers (CSU Stanislaus)

Historical/Political Research

The Impact of Historiography: Piracy and Religion from 1590 to 1660.pdf
Kelley Littlepage (CSU Stanislaus)

Revisiting the First Amendment: The Meaning of Separation of Church and State.pdf
Caleb Couchman (CSU Stanislaus)

Education Research

Reflections on the Declining Involvement of Hispanic Students in Higher Education: Evaluating College Entrance/Graduation Rates Among Latinos at CSU Stanislaus.pdf
Mariel Zamora (CSU Stanislaus)

Soundings Back Cover.pdf