Honors Advising Spring 2018

As you plan your Spring 2018 semester schedule, please remember to work into your schedule the courses you need to complete to maintain “good standing” in the Honors Program. To assist you in identifying which courses these might be, we’re sending you this communication to confirm the Honors courses available to you in Spring 2018. Please use the information below to figure out which classes you’ll want to take based on your standing (i.e. freshman, sophomore, junior, senior).

As always, we do not require you to take Honors classes to meet a GE requirement you’ve already fulfilled through AP credit or as a prerequisite course in your major. If there are scheduling conflicts between classes you need for your major and Honors classes we are expecting you to take at this point in time, we recommend you take the class for your major now and pick up the Honors class in a future semester. Please contact us in advance so we are all on the same page, and let us know if you’d like our help in resolving specific conflicts.

When you know which class and specific section you want to enroll in, please email Dr. Bell (eebell@csustan.edu) with the course and section number. Once Dr. Bell has answered your email confirming that you have a seat in the course, you can rest assured it will be saved for you throughout the enrollment period.

Once you have a permission number, you’ll be able to add the Honors course during second pass registration—so you should take advantage of the opportunity to focus on registering for the non-Honors classes you need during your first pass registration.

Please contact us by email with any questions!

Ellen B. and Jim T.

Important Note on Class Standing Information and the Honors Classes to Focus on Taking:

  • If you will be a sophomore next year (2nd year on campus and/or 30-59 units completed), please select any classes you haven’t yet taken from those listed in the sophomore group.
  • If you will be a junior next year (3rd year on campus and/or 60-89 units completed), please select any classes you haven’t yet taken that are listed in the junior group.
  • If you will be a senior next year (4th year on campus and/or over 90 units completed), please select any classes you haven’t yet taken yet that are listed in the senior group.

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Freshman Experience Classes offered in Spring 2018

PHIL 2005 Honors Critical Thinking seminar (3 units) GE A3 — (choose one section)

Number       Section                     Dates/Times                   Instructor                                

21740         PHIL 2005-01           MWF 9:00-9:50am          Dr. Justin Pack (Philosophy)

21741         PHIL 2005-02          MWF 10:00-10:50am       Dr. Justin Pack (Philosophy)       
21742         PHIL 2005-03           TR 12:30-1:45pm            Dr. Justin Pack (Philosophy)      

COMM 2005 Honors Communication Seminar (3 units) GE A1 — (choose one section) 

Number Section Dates/Times Instructor
20471 COMM 2005-01 MWF 10:00-10:50am Mr. Alexander Markov (Comm Studies)
20472 COMM 2005-02 TR 8:00-9:15am Mr. Alexander Markov (Comm Studies)

HONS 1010 Reading Seminar in the humanities (3 units); GE C2 — (choose one section)

Number Section Dates/Times Instructor
21119 HONS 1010-01 MWF 3:00-3:50pm Ms. Therese Lunt (History/Theatre)

HONS 1020 Mathematical Connections (on-line class, 1 unit)

Number Section Dates/Times Instructor
21120 HONS 1020-01 Online Dr. Tom Carter (Computer Science)

HONS 1960 Issues and Advocacy (1 unit) — required unless you take HONS 1020

Number Section Dates/Times Instructor
21121 HONS 1960-01 W 2:00-2:50pm Ms. Therese Lunt (History/Theatre)

Sophomore Experience Classes offered in Spring 2018

HONS 2010 Reading Seminar in the Social Sciences (3 units) GE D2b — (choose one section). The following sections are cross-listed with Introduction to Archaeology (ANTH 2090):
NOTE: We will offer sections of this course in FA18 as well.

Number Section Dates/Times Instructor
21122 HONS 2010-01 MW 10:00-11:15am Dr. Jennifer Ringberg (Anthropology)
21123 HONS 2010-02 TR 9:30-10:45pm Dr. Jeff Frost (Anthropology)

The following section is cross-listed with Searching for America (ETHS 2050):

Number Section Dates/Times Instructor
21124 HONS 2010-03 MW 2:00-3:15pm Dr. Xamuel Banales ( Ethnic Studies )

HONS 2850 Service Learning Practicum (1 unit)  group-project "service learning" experience working with local elementary school students (choose one section).

NOTE: We will offer sections of this course in Fall 2018 as well, but they will focus on a different project.

21125           HONS 2850-01          T 3:30-4:20pm             Ms. Therese Lunt (History/Theatre)

21126           HONS 2850-02          M 2:00-2:50pm             Ms. Therese Lunt (History/Theatre) 

HONS 2990 Sophomore Seminar: Institutions (3 units) GE D2a & G — This section is cross-listed with Global Politics (PSCI 2030)
​NOTE: We will offer a section of this course in FA18 as well, but the topic will be Introduction to Political Science (PSCI 2000), which does not meet GE area G.

Number Section Dates/Times Instructor
21227 HONS 2990-01 TR 2:00-3:15pm Dr. Richard Randall (Political Science)

 Junior Experience Classes offered in Spring 2018

HONS 3000-01—Intellectual Methods in the Humanities (3 units) GE F2 — Power of Information
NOTE: This section is paired with the Fall 2017/2018 section of HONS 3050: The Information of Meaning, taught by Dr. Tom Carter (Cognitive Studies). If you enroll in this class, please plan to take/have taken HONS 3050 in the Fall term.

Number Section Dates/Times Instructor
21128 HONS 3000-01 MWF 9:00-9:50am Dr. Chris Nagel (Philosophy) 

HONS 3050-01 Methods of Discovery in Social Science (3 units) GE F3Global Human Rights
NOTE: This section is paired with the Fall 2017/2018 sections of HONS 3000 taught by Dr. Michael Tumolo. If you enroll in this class, please plan to take/have taken HONS 3000 in the Spring term. 

Number Section Dates/Times Instructor
21129 HONS 3050-01 TR 2:00-3:15pm Dr. Andrew Conteh (Political Science)

HONS 3100 Methods of Inquiry in Natural Science (3 units) GE F1 — DNA: The Code of Life
​NOTE: We will offer a section of this course in Fall 2018 as well. 

Number Section Dates/Times Instructor
21130 HONS 3100-01 TR  2:00-3:15pm Dr. Jennifer Cooper (Biology)

HONS 3500 Information/Research/Analysis (3 units) GE E1— (choose one section)
Note: Psychology majors are encouraged to select section 02 to benefit from Dr. Gupta's expertise.

Number Section Dates/Times Instructor
21131 HONS 3500-01 TR 11:00-12:15pm Dr. Ellen  Bell (Anthropology)
21132    HONS 3500-02  MW 11:00-12:15pm

Dr. Suditi Gupta (Psychology)

HONS 3990 Capstone Research Proposal (1 unit)

  21133            HONS 3990-01            TBA                                    Dr. Ellen Bell (Anthropology)

Senior Experience Classes offered in Spring 2018

HONS 4960 Honors Presentation Seminar (1 unit)—this is the class that will help you prepare for your presentation at the Honors Capstone Conference. The 2018 Honors Capstone Conference is tentatively scheduled for Friday, May 4, 9:00am-4:30pm in the Faculty Development Center

21134 HONS 4960-01 M 11:00-11:50am Dr. Andrew Dorsey (English)

21135 HONS 4960-02 M 12:00-12:50pm Dr. Andrew Dorsey (English)

21136 HONS 4960-04 T 3:30-4:20pm Dr. Ellen Bell (Anthropology)

HONS 4990 Honors Thesis (3 units)—Please see Dr. Bell (eebell@csustan.edu) or Dr. Tuedio (jtuedio@csustan.edu) if you are interested in this option. This is an option, not a requirement, and requires approval of a faculty mentor from a discipline closely aligned with your research project.