Recently Completed M.A. Theses

History M.A. students may choose to write a thesis, based on original research, as part of their degree requirements. Following is a sample of our students’ recently completed theses, covering a wide range of fascinating topics:

Cuban Exceptionalism: the Inconsistency of U.S. Immigration Policy for Latino Baseball Players,” Zack Kopecki, 2016.

Gendering the Landscape: Women's Emerging Role into the Public Sphere,” Joel Virgen, 2016.

Comic Book Violence: A History of British and American Comics,” Adam Morris, 2015.

A War without Wounds: Violence & the Other in Crimean War Photography,” Eric Nystrom, 2014.

Adam Sandler: Mentor of Pro-Feminist Masculinity to American Males,” Kathleen Chapman, 2014.

Establishing a Permanent Peace: Civilizing and Subjugating Native Americans during the Peace Policy Era (1869-1877),” Samantha Williams, 2013.

Mindsets, Motivations, Mickey Mouse, and the Mountains: The Social, Political, and Intellectual Foundations of the Mineral King Controversy, 1965–1978,” Alexandra Vicknair, 2013.

Dairying in the United States: Commerce, Collusion, Largess, and the Demise of the Traditional Dairy Farm,” Anthony Wallen, 2013.

The Christ that Failed: The Origins of Anti-Christianity within American White Nationalism,” Jake Wheeler, 2011.

Hummingbirds Are Free: The Exodus of Silesian Women in Post-War Germany,” David Seymour, 2010.

The United States Government and the Public Crusade Against Japanese Americans After Pearl Harbor,” Kayla Canelo, 2010.