Dr. Ronald VanderMolen



Ronald VanderMolen


Fields of interest: English History, Early Modern Europe, History of Christianity, Historiography, Colonial America, Medievel Europe, Intellectual History, Ancient Mediterranean World

Education: Ph.D. Michigan Sate University, 1969; M.A., DePaul University, 1965; B.A., Calvin College, 1961

Courses that I Teach:

HIST 2120 Ancient Mediterranean World
HIST 3140 Medieval Europe 500-1500
HIST 3210 Renaissance and Reformation
HIST 3220 Absolutism and Revolution, 1598-1799
HIST 3400 The Great Teachings
HIST 3610 Colonial America
HIST 4210 Intellectual History
HIST 4300 History of Christianity
HIST 4350 English History to 1603
HIST 4360 English History 1603 to Present
HIST 4990/4960 Senior Seminar ad Directed Reading
HIST 5930 History of Historical Writing
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1978 NEH Summer Fellowship for College Teachers, UC Berkeley: "Eighteenth- Century British Culture"
1981 NEH Summer Fellowship for College Teachers, UC Berkeley: "European Economic History"


Scholarship and Research:

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  Article: "'Where is History Going:' and Historical Scholarship," Fides et Historia, V, nos. 1-2 (Spring, 1973)
  Professional evaluator Mennonite Quarterly Review (review of a submitted article)
  Review in The Reformed Journal, May-June, 1973: R.W. Southern, Western Society and the Church in the Middle Ages (Grand Rapids, 1972)
1974 Paper read at Bethel College, St. Paul, Minnesota, October, 1974: "Civil Religion and Christianity in Modern Europe"
1975 Article: "Western Secularization as a Continuing Process: Ironic Origins and Puzzling Results," Fides et Historia, VIII, no. 1 (Fall, 1975)
  Paper read at St. Thomas More College, Fort Mitchell, KY, April, 1975: "Puritan Philosophy of History: Providence as Mystery - Providence as Revelation"
1976 Panel member on Modesto Cablevision Series: "Colonial Religion" (5 presentations)
  Paper read at department colloquium, Spring, 1976: "Calvinist Philosophy of History"
  Paper read to the Political-Military Affairs Company, Treasure Island, May, 1976: "Current British Affairs"
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1996 Review of Antonia Frasier's Kings and Queens of England in Sixteenth Century Journal
  Refereed article on seventeenth-century English Judaism for the journal Church History
1997 Review of On 'What is History?', by Keith Jenkins in Fides et Historia (Spring, '97)
1998 Review of History and Belief, by R.E. Frykenberg in Christian Scholars Review (Fall, '98)
1999 Review of M. Bunzl, Real History in Fides et Historia (Summer, 1999)
  Ongoing - Manuscript on Richard Cox accepted for publication by Sutton Courtenay Press(Great Britain)

English ecclesiastical Appointments, 1540-47

  Member of the editorial board of Fides et Historia, published by the Conference on Faith and History


Professional Societies:

Conference on British Studies
American Society of Church History
Sixteenth-Century Studies Society
Calvin Studies Society
Conference on Faith and History