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Contact Human Resources Benefit Coordinator Kayla Villarreal, 209-664-6730, MSR 320 For Quit Kits or the Student Health Center 209-667-3396 for Quit Kits and Nicotine Patches

Talking Points

  1. This is about making our University more accessible for all students, faculty, staff and visitors.
  2. The air will be healthier for everybody who comes to campus to learn or work.
  3. A no-smoking rule is not a "no-smoker rule." We are not judging or excluding people who choose to smoke; we're just asking them not to use tobacco on the campus where it can impact others.
  4. If a smoker is ready to quit, free resources are available through the University.
  5. This policy is part of broader institutional efforts to create a campus culture of mutual respect, wellness and sustainability
  6. We are leaders in our community.


Please keep the following in mind about the policy when reaching out to someone smoking on campus after September 1, 2017:

Members of the Stanislaus State community are encouraged to provide education and information regarding the policy if they wish, but not to engage in enforcement. Instead, routine or recurrent violations of any policy should be reported to the University Police Department at (209) 667-3114. An encounter with a smoker should aim to be informative and not confrontational (assume the smoker is unaware of the policy, and is not intentionally violating the policy).

Be empathetic. The short time you spend discussing the policy with smokers may help them stop using tobacco.

Use common sense in engaging with policy violators, and do not attempt anything beyond providing information and support. (If you do not feel entirely safe, avoid further discussion or confrontation and leave the area. Seek help or call University Police, if necessary.)

Refer the person to the Healthy Campus website for complete program details and resources.

Use the following scenarios and questions to help you discuss the policy.

Script 1

Situation: You see a person using tobacco products on the Stanslaus State campus.
Response: Hello, my name is ________, and I am a(n) (employee and/or student) here at Stanislaus State. I want to make you aware that as of September 1, 2017 we are now a smoke- and tobacco-free campus, which means that smoking is prohibited on campus. Stanislaus State implemented this policy because we are committed to providing a cleaner and healthier, smoke-free environment for the entire campus community. We would appreciate it if you would not smoke or use tobacco products while on campus. Thank you for helping us keep our campus smoke and tobacco free.

Script 2

Question: Where am I allowed to smoke?
Response: Smoking and the use of tobacco products are not allowed on the Stanislaus State campus. If you wish to smoke, you will need to leave the campus to do so. A map indicating campus boundaries can be found on the Healthy Campus website

Script 3

Question: Am I allowed to smoke in my car?
Response: We ask that you respect the campus policy and not smoke or use tobacco products while your vehicle is on Stanislaus State property. Thank you.

Script 4

Advance notice for vendors, contractors and visitors
​We'd like to let you know that as of September 1, 2017, Stanislaus State will be a smoke- and tobacco-free environment. Smoking or the use of tobacco products will not be permitted on any university property and ground, including the parking areas. More information can be found on our Health Campus website. Thank you for respecting our new policy.