A Diverse Campus


The community surrounding California State University, Stanislaus can be described by ethnicity, by economics, and by each family’s educational background.  In all of these categories, this community is very diverse.

California State University, Stanislaus works to provide a campus atmosphere that reflects this diversity.  It strives to welcome all students, regardless of background.  The University also strives to provide opportunities for interaction among students from all of the categories listed in the first paragraph.

Essay Prompt

Describe your idea of what a diverse campus should be.  Make two recommendations that would help California State University, Stanislaus be more like your ideal campus, as far as diversity is concerned.

Assume the readers of your essay are university professors and administrators.  Fully support your recommendations by using your observations, personal experiences, and general knowledge of the university system.  If you are new to California State University, Stanislaus, make recommendations based on what you think the campus is like.

WPST Scoring Guide & Samples

5 Competent, although it may have minor faults

  • Develops and sustains an argument that acknowledges the complexity of the issue
  • Displays fluent control over language
  • Uses relatively sophisticated language
  • Has a structure which is strong, with all parts integrated into the discussion of the issue


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4 Adequate rather than competent

  • Acknowledges the complexity of the issue
  • Displays adequate control over language
  • Uses language appropriately
  • Has a clear structure although there may be occasional lapses in focus


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3 Developing Adequacy

  • Often develops only one aspect of the issue, or may distort the issue
  • Contains generalizations with little support rather than developing an argument
  • Displays general control over language although there may be an accumulation of errors
  • Has a structure which may be unclear or which may limit the author's development of the issue


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2 Inadequate

Exhibits any one of the following characteristics

  • Attempts to address the issue but does not provide adequate development
  • Lacks control over language
  • Has no apparent structure