Student Success Spotlight

Stockton Writing Center Pilot Project

Matt Moberly – English/Writing Center
Paula Barrington-Schmidt – English/Writing Center


  • Stockton Center Students didn't have regular access to writing tutoring.
  • Working with the Stockton Center, Extended Education, the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, we created a pilot hybrid physical/online writing center at the Stockton Center.


  • Secured a location
  • Hired five tutors and a coordinator. The coordinator and one tutor spent a majority of their time at the Stockton Center
  • Offered twenty hours of tutoring per week throughout the semester
  • Conducted assessment over Summer 2014

End Result

Qualtrics Student Satisfaction Survey

  • Students overwhelmingly preferred online hours
  • Most sessions were spent on WPST prep
  • Students wanted longer sessions (60 min vs. 30 min)

Did the pilot increase student success?

  • Yes! Most students who came to us for WPST tutoring passed the exam
  • Those students who did not pass started preparing for the exam close to the exam date
  • Students reported that their tutoring sessions were helpful
  • Every student made multiple appointments

Lessons Learned

  • Current enrollments and usage trends indicated that an online writing center made the most sense for now.
  • Interdepartmental collaboration is important but sometimes unexpectedly complicated (space, paperwork, communication).
  • Long-term considerations:
    • Conducting a student support needs assessment would be helpful for strategic planning as the Stockton Center grows
    • Establishing permanent student support services presence at the Stockton Center may be advisable as the Stockton Center grows.