Michelle Akanji

Michelle Akanji portraitHardly a day passes in which we do not write. Writing empowers us. It becomes a voice when a voice is not present. It is an important and powerful aspect of both life and work due to its ability to help individuals communicate effectively, preserve culturally based customs, and aid in career advancement.

Writing allows us to express who we are as people. On a personal level, it allows me to keep my Nigerian culture alive by preserving records of my cultures’ language, recipes, and traditions. Take, for example, my native language, Yoruba. Permanently recorded on paper, Yoruba exists forever. In this case, having my Yoruba language written down in dictionaries enables me to go back and learn new words and phrases. For instance, whenever we address an elder, the letter “ẹ” is always placed before a greeting or phrase. This written symbol is essential because it signals respect, a major value throughout Yoruba culture.  Written languages are also powerful because they are able to be passed on across generations.

The preservation of language through writing is how new languages are formed as well. In fact, the majority of the English language is derived from Latin. Although Latin is considered a dead language, its written contents are very influential and are still used in many world languages. We can see many examples in law and medical terminology. Once the basic concepts of constructing words are understood, the vocabulary becomes understandable to doctors, nurses, lawyers, and those in business. Thus, Latin-based words such as “aesthesio”, which today means “anesthesia,” are able to be retained and used to create new terms.

Writing is significant in the workplace because it promotes our ability to explain and share our ideas through effective communication. For example, a candidate who has new ideas to expand a company’s motto and vision can present them in written requests and contributions during staff meetings. Good writing skills demonstrate an employee’s competence by displaying a higher level of thinking and organization. For instance, Venn diagrams, tables, and charts help visualize proposals in a structured way that helps to eliminate ambiguity and uncertainty. These abilities to showcase ideas permanently and make them visible to others are essential to career advancement.

Overall, a valuable and necessary part of our society involves writing. It is because of writing that I am able to keep my culture alive and embrace my diversity. Who we are as human beings is able to be expressed along with our thoughts and ideas. To communicate successfully to others in the workforce, writing is indispensible.