Ilsa Olson

photo of IlsaDear Future,

You can’t believe how happy I am that you live, that you’re ready to grow into the amazing person I know you will be.  As you step into your teen years, you’re going to face many conflicts and many resolutions.  You’ll face questions that you can’t answer and have answers to the questions nobody is asking.  You may feel alone, even with hundreds of people around you, sometimes when your best friend is talking directly to you.  Nobody will ever experience exactly what you feel or what you go through, but many have felt similarly.  I’ve been in your place.  I’ve looked at the world and wondered what I can do, as one small piece of it, and I’ve found the answer.

You can live.  Believe me, there is no substitute for you to be found anywhere.  You can make an impact, despite when it doesn’t appear that you are doing anything important.  Your actions and decisions, even the smallest ones, will impact someone’s future.  One conversation, one letter, one word, one action can impact so much.  Words, writing, speech –these aspects of language are your key to the ability to impact anything.  So write, and write well.

In a world where our primary communication is becoming text-talk, a piece written with true eloquence, reason, and emotion marks the character of the author as a rare, valuable soul.  Writing well opens doors that were closed before.  Your words and ideas, expressed well, give you the ability to change the globe extensively.  No matter who you desire to become, an excellent writer will always be three steps ahead of the rest of the pack.

“How can I change the world,” you ask, “if there are so many others out there trying to do exactly the same thing?”  I find that the best analogy comes from the play, Camelot.  The people of this world are in an endless ocean, each a tiny droplet in the entirety.  Some of the drops sparkle; others create ripples; and more still support the other droplets and provide unseen currents of force and power.  Treat these other people with the deepest respect.  All are not competitors, though it may seem that way.  They are your support, as you are theirs.  Even those who will oppose you are attempting to create the best world possible –merely through different means. Be prudent.  Care for all the others who will help you shape this brilliant future.

Your education is your most important possession­­.  It is your ladder to greatness.  Cherish it.  Cling to it.  Some days you will feel the world on your shoulders, but those days do not last forever.  Write a better destiny for yourself and all the others around you.  With your imagination, innovation, and individuality, you write the story that our society will live tomorrow. 

No matter what anyone says, you are our brilliant fate.  You are one small piece in an enormous, wondrous community.  Only you get to decide how important you will be.  Write, stay determined, hope, and dream!

Your enthusiastic friend,

The Present