Hayley Perry

Writing’s Importance

Hayley Perry portraitThe beauty of writing lies in its infinite possibilities. Writing can be used to communicate information efficiently or to voice opinions ardently. Writing can be a method of release for pent-up frustration or the expression of pure joy. It is a form of communication that has been around in some form since humanity itself arose. Today, it continues to astound and inform, inviting curiosity and creativity. Putting words into print is simultaneously a sacred and accessible art form.

Literature connects people across borders and centuries. When a piece is geared for the entertainment and enlightenment of its readers, the page glows with energy. For the reader, writing provides worlds of fantastic imagination and elevated realities. Writing encourages readers to explore their thoughts and emotions in greater depth. It stimulates human inventiveness in its creators and its audiences.

For many, writing is an especially effective form of therapy. It provides an outlet for emotions that might otherwise fester on the inside. Often, those who have gone through traumatic events find solace in keeping a journal of their thoughts and feelings. The molding of one’s feelings into something concrete often is something altogether more cathartic than speaking the words on one’s mind aloud. Due to the ability to edit and draft writing, thoughts and feelings can be improved upon to the point where they form sharp syntax within structured stories. Creativity can build self-esteem and humility; an author reviewing his or her most respected creation can thus witness both the power and failings of his or her own intellect.

Whether it is transcending concrete walls of a prison cell or metaphorical walls of social isolation, writing gives wings to those trying to escape. Several renowned authors throughout history have written novels while imprisoned. Solitude feeds the artistic soul; it reminds people that they have untold stories within them. If one is alone and without preoccupation, one is in a prime location for the nurturing of contemplation and the synthesizing of masterpieces.

The art form of writing is for enjoyment, therapy, and escaping. Employing it for these purposes can give people immense power. They can use this power for almost any advantage under the sun, professional or personal. Well-written poetry wins over lovers. Well-written speeches win over nations. When a person learns to read, his or her mind expands. When a person learns to write, his or her thoughts take on clarity. To do away with literature would be to do away with the cornerstone of all areas of research; there is not a field of study that could advance without well-crafted vernacular and systems of communication to guide it along. Writing is a priceless gift that every generation of humankind has a duty to pass along to the next. It is a pillar of society, teaching us who we have been, who we are, and who we might become in the future.