Caprina Pipion

photo of CaprinaDear Eighth-Grade Sister,

As eighth-grade brings you many exciting challenges, I implore you, little sister, to aspire to develop an excellent command of writing skills. Proficiency is necessary for fundamental self-expression and influencing others.  A concise well-expressed composition delivers a statement of clarity. A comprehensive written report in the form of a letter, memo, essay, or resume indicates the writer’s range of vocabulary and use of grammar. An ambiguous writing approach, on the other hand, can cause uncertainty.

Writing skills provide a measure of a person’s affective ability to correspond and

positively communicate ideas. Your display of superior writing will create the advantage that differentiates you from other competitors striving for advancement. For example, my admission into the University Honors Program served as a reward for focusing on my writing skills when I was in eighth-grade. I say this not to impress you, but to impress upon you the importance of developing good writing skills.

I still remember your excitement when it came to learning how to print the alphabet, write your name, and formulate your first sentence. Do not lose that passion to develop, explore, and create. Write friendly letters frequently, maintain a daily diary, and look into school journalism clubs. Above all know that becoming a better writer never ends. I encourage you to welcome writing challenges. Remember that “writer's cramp,” is only a temporary setback.

Write as if your growth depends on it. A courageous leader is a prepared leader. Be

confident that developing writing skills will earn you the right to proclaim: I am a critical thinker, able to formulate arguments, and prepared to influence the beliefs of others. Your journey begins now in the eighth-grade.

Stay focused, and write me often.


Big Sister Caprina