Greatness Relies On Writing

The GROW Project

Every student writes. Every student could write better.

Good writing requires the ability to think critically, to research, to formulate arguments and to persuade. It requires you to empathize with your audience, whether that's a professor, a potential employer, an audience of thousands or a close friend. Good writing also requires a command of grammar and sentence structure. Without it, communication flounders.

The GROW Project at Stanislaus State is based on the conviction that Greatness Relies On Writing. If you follow through on what GROW offers, you will improve your ability to communicate. You will develop life-changing skills.

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The way to become a better writer is not simply to write more but to write with intention, because every word and punctuation mark matters. If someone else’s writing inspires you, be sure to offer credit where it is due. Plagiarism is not research — which, by the way, is a rewrite of a quote by playwright Wilson Mizner.

On this website, you will see what good writing looks like, hear from those who understand its value, and discover valuable resources.

GROW as a writer, and greatness will follow.

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Good grammar is a foundation for excellent writing.

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