Time & Effort Reporting

To conduct research, instruction, and/or other sponsored work under grants, and other agreements with the federal government, CSU Stanislaus is required to comply with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) which describes the costing principles, criteria, and examples of how employee compensation for personal services rendered under sponsored agreements should be charged and subsequently documented.

Sponsored project personnel compensated on a federally sponsored award (direct cost or cost share) will certify a report that indicates that the distribution of their total effort is a reasonable estimate of work performed during the period covered by the report.

Elements of Effort Reporting

Effort - Allowable activity devoted to a sponsored or non-sponsored project that would be charged or committed directly to a contract or grant. Effort shall be reflected as categories of activities expressed as a percentage distribution of total activities rather than the dollar amount compensated.

Compensated Effort - Effort consisting of campus assignment, reimbursed time, additional employment, direct pay, and cost share for faculty and staff who work on sponsored projects.

Voluntary Uncommitted Cost Sharing - Voluntary uncommitted cost sharing is excluded from effort reporting.

Submission of Time & Effort Reports

Time & Effort Reports should be submitted to Trish Hendrix, Post Award Grant Administration at Financial Services, MSR270.

Time & Effort Reporting Form