PI Responsibilities

CSU Stanislaus (University) has the legal responsibility and authority for running the grant and expending grant funds. The University in turn grants to certain faculty and MPP's the authority to act as the Principal Investigator (PI) of a sponsored program.

One Principal Investigator is named to each sponsored program. Only one PI is appointed to each program to ensure clear lines of accountability and authority. If there is a strategic need, a Co-Principal Investigator may be added to a program.

The primary responsibility of the Principal Investigator is to ensure sponsored program success. The success of the program is measured not only by the intellectual merit of the research or the technical results, it is also measured by our commitment to judiciously manage award funds and deliver on all obligations in accordance with the award. The authority granted by the University to the PI is inextricably tied to the responsibility of conducting the grant in accordance with the approved proposal and budget as well as all other guiding policies and regulations.

Signature Authority

There are two kinds of signature authority: Program Authority and Purchasing Authority:

Program Authority

Only PIs may receive program authority for their sponsored program. This authorization enables the PI to approve requests for personnel actions, re-budgeting, and changes in project scope. Program authority is also required for submission of any official reports or requests to the program sponsor if the report or request needs to be certified by the university program official.

Purchasing Authority

​Only PIs may receive purchasing authority for their sponsored program. This authorization enables an individual to initiate and authorize expenditures against sponsored program funds.