Facilities & Administration Costs (F&A)

F&A costs are real costs incurred by CSU Stanislaus to support and maintain campus research and sponsored programs. These costs result from shared services such as libraries, facilities operation and maintenance, utility costs, departmental and sponsored projects' administrative expenses, and depreciation or use allowance for buildings and equipment. F&A costs are sometimes referred to as indirect costs or institutional overhead.


Through a process prescribed by the Federal Government, the Department of Health and Human Services has approved the use of the following rates for projects at CSU Stanislaus:

  • 49% of modified total direct costs (MTDC) for on-campus projects.
  • 21.4% of MTDC for off-campus projects.

The University also has a federally negotiated rate through the Californian-Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit at 17.5% of total direct.

Policy on Requesting Maximum F&A Cost Recovery

While it is recognized that F&A recovery rates allowed by funding agencies, foundations, and corporations are not under the University's control, it is the policy of CSU Stanislaus that all proposals submitted for funding shall include requests for F&A costs at the maximum rate allowed by the funding agency in accordance with CSU and University policy. Sponsor awards that do not follow institutional procedures and approval for submission risk not being accepted by the University (EO 890, 3.1.2).

See the Policy on Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Cost Recovery (pdf) for additional information.