Messages of Appreciation

President Joseph F. Sheley retires July 1, 2016, leaving a legacy of unity and pride in the university and community. His leadership will long be remembered by Stanislaus State students, alumni and friends of the University.

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"President Sheley’s dedication to the students in our area was evident the moment he arrived. Thank you for your service."

Sue Zwahlen, Trustee, Modesto City Schools, Board of Education

“Thank you, Dr. Sheley for bringing all facets of our community together — TUSD has benefitted greatly from your leadership and shared vision.”

Dana Salles Trevethan, Superintendent, Turlock Unified School District

"I think President Sheley and Dr. Halbrook have created a very positive image of Stanislaus State to the community. The awareness of how Stanislaus State alumni have impacted the business, agricultural and education activities of the Central Valley was brought to the forefront by Dr. Sheley. Thank you!"

Dan and Christine Tallman, Turlock

“For President Sheley, wonderful writing and the GROW Scholarship; for Dr. Bernadette Halbrook, your memberships on the boards of the Carnegie Arts Center and The Haven.
Your hearts for service, and the selfless way in which you have shared your time, energy and skills, leave us better for your presence in our midst.”

Priscilla Peters, Turlock

"President Sheley made a huge contribution in bringing calm and harmony to the campus. He understood campus culture of collegiality. They are leaving the campus in a better place to find a worthy successor."

Ajit Murti, Sonoma

“Dr. Sheley, we in Delhi Unified School District would like to thank you for your support of K-12 education and our Delhi Medical Academy Pathway Program. We wish you a wonderful next chapter as you journey into retirement.”

Delhi Unified School District

"President Sheley and Dr. Halbrook have brought back dignity and class to the presidency of Stanislaus State."

Sylvia Cox, Turlock

“President Sheley and Dr. Halbrook have made an incredibly positive impact in a short amount of time. They have established open communication between organizations and have enhanced (in a positive and caring way) the reputation of Stanislaus State. They have been a blessing that will be missed.”

Pam Able, Modesto City Schools

"Dr. Sheley and Dr. Halbrook enhanced the Turlock region and Stanislaus State. Our community enjoyed a renaissance during their involvement and residency. They were important team players in Turlock!"

John and Nellie Lazar, Turlock

“They have moved the University outside its walls and partnered with the community. This has enhanced and enriched the University and the City of Turlock.”

Paul Zeek, Modesto

"President Sheley has brought much-deserved recognition far and wide to this great University, while significantly increasing its connection to the City of Turlock. Thank you!"

Burt and Polly Vasché, Modesto

“I got a chance to talk one-on-one with Dr. Joe for 45 minutes during a basketball game. I dare you to name one other college and president where this would be possible!! Simply awesome!”

James “bicycle Jim” Telfer, Sonora

"Drs. Sheley and Halbrook have been instrumental in increasing awareness of and support for sexual assault and domestic violence survivors. President Sheley started the partnership with Haven Women’s Center, providing education and counseling on campus. Dr. Halbrook was an active board member on the Haven Women’s Center board of directors. And Dr. Sheley “rocked” those red heels in support of the students walking in the “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event!"

Coleen and Jim Sparkman, Modesto

“I have had the pleasure of knowing numerous Stanislaus State presidents over many years. I can easily state that no other president has put forth as much effort to reach out to the community and to students and alumni as much as Dr. Sheley. He listens to their concerns and most importantly is willing to incorporate their ideas into his action plan. His stay has been FAR too short.”

Richard Ronten, Fremont

"As an alum and long time Turlock resident, your contributions to the community and University will have a great impact on future generations. Thank you for making a difference."

Brandi Louise Rollins, Turlock

“As a three time alumna of Stanislaus State, my Warrior pride was already strong, but Joe Sheley built a bridge between the campus and community that provided a platform for alumni to express their pride and give to both the University and the public. Joe’s legacy to this institution is truly the realization that we are all in this together for the students and our community.”

Wendy Olmstead, Escalon

"President Sheley and Dr. Halbrook have made a difference by re-engaging our University into the local community and by recreating positive community changes and relationships with city leaders!"

Wanda Bonnell, Turlock

“Thank you so much for sharing your lives with us and closing your careers at Stan State. Your leadership and grace has positively affected all involved with Stan State and will for years to come.”

James Brenda, Turlock

"By being themselves!"

Robert Allaire, Modesto

“Bringing administration and faculty together!”

Dr. William Crist, Turlock

"You at the living expression of God’s love and kindness: Kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile. Thank you for everything."

Charmaine Daniel, Turlock

“What a gift to our region it has been to have President Joe and Bernadette for the past few years. They unified and healed old wounds. They collaborated and worked in partnerships with others striving to make both Stan State and our community stronger and better. We are so sad to lose you so soon but grateful we had you a little while.”

Ron and Lynn Dickerson, Modesto

"I believe Dr. Sheley has begun to restore a sense of collegiality to the campus, such as has been lacking for a very long time."


“The dynamic duo has changed the environment of our campus for the better. The dynamic of our campus community now promotes student success, diversity and inclusion. The past years have been instrumental to setting up the future success of this University.”


"Congratulations on your retirement! I hope you both will enjoy the well-deserved break and that we will have the chance of traveling to an exotic destination real soon. And many thanks for bringing healing to the campus."

Horacio Ferriz, Waterford

“ “They have really valued and understood community. They will be greatly missed.”

Julie Fox, Turlock

"President Sheley changed the campus climate, refocusing the University on our mission of serving the students and community. He made coming to campus enjoyable again and reconnected the campus to the community."

Mark Grobner, Turlock

“Dr. Sheley has restored the dignity of his office at Stan State and the respect of the entire community. We’re on the map and going forward.”

Marty and Kay Grynbaum, Modesto

"When Dr. Sheley arrived at Stanislaus State, he made it a point to meet with the Turlock Journal staff and started a relationship with the paper that encouraged open and transparent leadership of Turlock’s university administration."

Kristina Hacker, Turlock

“President Sheley and his lovely wife have been the personification of community spirit. They have been at the forefront of working with the community to include it in University participation. Wonderful couple will be deeply missed.”

Bev Hatcher, Turlock

"President Sheley has made a difference by the way he builds strong relationships with the student leaders on campus. He always remembers who we are when he sees us on campus."


“President Sheley has helped bridge the community and the University.”


"Joe and Bernadette have made an indelible impression on me for their openness and friendship; building on the hopes for a better tomorrow and working at it diligently. Regarding their departure…I can only think of a quote by Dr. Suess, a favorite author of mine: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” You both happened in the best possible way!"


“Joe Sheley has brought an atmosphere of professionalism and peace to the University. His demeanor of thoughtful humility has been refreshing and will be difficult to replace.”

Dennis and Darlene Cornwall, Turlock

"Inspiration. President Sheley shared a vision that included courage, motivation and emphasis toward higher education. I am a student who transferred to Stanislaus State in 2012 taking advantage of the Extended Education program to get started. I met President Sheley shortly thereafter at the induction ceremony for Beta Gamma Sigma. I am now a proud student representing Stanislaus State in the EMBA program. I expect to complete the program later this year. Thank you, President Sheley!"

Eric Boklund, Sonora

“.President Sheley’s dedication to students has had a profound affect on Stan State students. His dedication in aiding the development of students’ writing skills and pushing through with the One Purpose scholarship program has provided students with resources and opportunities they were previously lacking. Thank you for your work, dedication and devotion.”

Fatimah Alfareh, Modesto

“Dr. Sheley has accomplished so much in the area of community outreach. He is extremely personable and is always welcoming. He has shone such positive, bright light on Stanislaus State! When Memorial Medical Center volunteers were on campus for a tour, he personally came out to greet us and welcome us to the campus. We are proud and honored to present scholarships to the nursing students at this fine University!”

Memorial Medical Center Volunteers, Modesto

"Congratulations on an outstanding career in higher education that has made such a difference in the lives of Stanislaus State students and throughout the region."


"President Sheley changed the atmosphere on campus with his friendly and caring personality. Talking with him was like chatting with your favorite uncle. Everyone appreciated him as a person."

Brian Duggan, Turlock