Spend Winter Term in CUERNAVACA, MEXICO

"€œThe City of Eternal Spring"

GEOG 3010 €“ Cultural Geography (Winter Term in Cuernavaca)

Purpose of Course:

This course examines cultural geographic processes and cultural phenomena as they relate to people€™s relationship with one another and with the environment. We will explore the mutual interdependence of people and place to understand and appreciate how different culture groups utilize and impact the environment. We cover a wide range of cultural topics from a spatial perspective including: ethnicity, religion, folk and popular cultures, population and migration, agriculture and rural issues, and urban geography. We explore these topics and interpret cultural landscapes through direct interaction with peoples and places in the Mesa Central of Mexico, especially the Cuernavaca Valley. Field activities and excursions will introduce students to the observation methods and techniques used by cultural geographers including, participant observation, reading cultural landscapes, field mapping, and journal entry. Individual and group field activities, excursions, and journal writing are required.

Satisfies G.E. areas D2 and G