Planning & Finance

Facilities Planning & Finance coordinates campus capital facility planning, department fiscal resources, and management of the Customer Service Center.

Specific functions

Maintenance of the Campus Physical Master Plan, a guide for the physical development of the campus designed to accommodate projected enrollment and educational programs consistent with the academic Master Plan.

Development of the Five-Year Capital Improvement Program, projected capital improvement needs, by project, for five years beyond the period covered by the latest Governor's budget each year.

Development and coordination of the Minor Capital Outlay Program, an annual submission of a prioritized list of minor construction projects, including project description, justification, and construction estimates.

Maintenance of the campus Space & Facilities database.

The decision to develop, place and prioritize projects in the Five-Year Capital Improvement Program and the Minor Capital Outlay Program is ultimately made by the President of California State University, Stanislaus.

Bicycle Master Plan

 Improvements to the bicycle paths and infrastructure have been under review for the last several years.   Faculty, staff and students have participated in reviews and discussions of preliminary plans and drafts were also presented recently at open forums.  The open forum drafts are available here for examination. Please review this link and forward comments to

Master Plan | EIR Supporting Documents

Physical Master Plan Update

The 2009 Physical Master Plan Update seeks to incorporate needed physical changes while maintaining the positive campus character. Since its beginnings, the campus has responded to the dynamic changes that have taken place in Stanislaus County. It is both an understanding of how this change has occurred and its influence on how the campus has taken shape that the Physical Master Plan Update will explore.