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With a choice of over 50 domains, this rapidly-evolving email service comes with a stack of features, including a spellchecker, email autoformatting options, IMAP and web-based access and more. Offers 10MB of storage at the free level; various low-priced membership options give access to POP3/SMTP, more storage space and many other features.

Free email powered by SiteMail
Talk21 is a free web-based email service offered by UK communications behemoth BT.
Along with free email, this site offers free tech support for computer users.,, and various other medical-related extensions, most under .md
Free email for physicians only that comes with a choice of domain names relating to various medical specialties.
Free email service with stunningly elegant Flash-powered interface (there is an excellent tutorial that provides a comprehensive overview of this interface). The service provides 2.5MB of space for storing messages.,,,,,,,,,
Free email service for Christians. Supports attachments, an address book, vacation replies, mail filters, signatures, address blocking (blocks spam from known spammers) and the ability to check existing POP mail accounts.
Mail with forwarding option, access to your current POP3 accounts, address book, HTML support, filters, spam blocking tools and 5MB per email account. Cool! I love Urusei Yatsura!
Free email service powered by Not to be mixed up with (the latter powers NetAddress and AmexMail)
Free email powered by CommTouch
Free email service powered by Outblaze. You will need a valid Canadian postal code to sign up with this service.
You only get 1 week free unless you're a student in K-12 education.
Free web-based email service in South Africa
Free email for seniors in Westchester County, NY.,,, and over 350 other "wild" addresses
Free email with 3MB of storage space, support for attachments up to 500K, filters, autoresponders, signatures, an address book and more - plus a choice of over 350 quot;wild" email ddresses. IMPORTANT NOTE: To get the free service, you must sign up for at least 3 opt-in mailing lists, which means you will receive occasional advertisements on the subjects of your choice. Two paid options are offered that get rid of this opt-in requirement and offer additional features, including POP3 support and 20MB of storage in the most expensive plan.
Free email powered by Outblaze.
Free email service limited to alumni of Xavier University. You must first register your alumni details, then apply for free email. For obvious reasons (I did not graduate from Xavier!) I don't have much information about this service.
Free email powered by CommTouch. Includes ICQ notification of new mail.
You can open attachments that include audio and video clips, or scripts. Offers a built-in spellchecker. You can use your Yahoo! Mail login to access various games on Yahoo! You can also check an existing email account via Yahoo! Mail. You can also configure your outgoing email address. You get 4MB for storing mail.
Free email powered by
If you're up for a challenge, try signing up for Yesbox! The site is in Swedish or English, but once you complete the extremely laborious sign-up process on the English version you are dumped in the middle of some Swedish pages! Also, Yesbox insists it knows my postcode better than I do (another site that does not seem to realize there is a world outside the US where postcodes do not automatically have 5 digits!). Allegedly, you can gain "bonus points" towards unspecified goods and services while using this site.
Personal use only (upto 2MB storage). Commercial use charged. Also offers USENET news browsing service.
Free email powered by Outblaze
Free email service powered by Chek.
Free email with advanced security features. You compose the message you want to send on the site, and it is then encrypted and stored. The recipient will receive an email message notifying them that they have a ZipLip message waiting. Once they read the message on the secure server, it is automatically deleted. For even more security, you can specify a password that the recipient must enter in order to view the message. Note that you do not need to register to use the service, and that your email address is not disclosed in the notification message sent to the recipient.
Free email service with 3MB of storage space and the ability to send free electronic greetings cards from inside the service. Note: you must log into your account at least twice during the first 21 days after you sign up, otherwise it will be shut down.