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With a choice of over 50 domains, this rapidly-evolving email service comes with a stack of features, including a spellchecker, email autoformatting options, IMAP and web-based access and more. Offers 10MB of storage at the free level; various low-priced membership options give access to POP3/SMTP, more storage space and many other features.

Do you want to hear your computer scream? Outgun is designed specially to take advantage of the very fastest computer systems, as it is bulging with Shockwave, DHTML etc. It also offers an incredible laundry-list of features, including color-coded mail filters, an HTML editor for rich-media messages, time zones, 10MB of storage space, multiple signatures, auto-reply, external mail collection, IMAP4 support and much, much more!
Free email with 5MB of disk space, folders and filtering options. Maximum message size of 2MB.
Free web-based email service with no storage limits (although a clause in their usage policy warns against abuse). PakistanMail requires an existing email address to sign up; the site advises visitors without an existing email address to fake one. This is a very bad suggestion as you may inadvertantly use the real address of another person, and end up directing service messages to them by mistake. Instead, just choose a different free email provider, pick up an account and then come back!
Free email service powered by emurl.
Free email that lets you use your telephone number as your user name. There is no check at signup that you are actually using YOUR telephone number!
Despite the name, this service is not limited to residents of the Philippines.
Free web-based email service in beta test mode. Very fast site.,,
Free email powered by Outblaze.
Free web-based and POP mail service with NO ADVERTISEMENTS attached to POP mail messages. Not 100% free since you have to pay a $1 one-time fee to sign up...
Free web-based mail, plus lots of extras: check existing POP accounts, multiple attachments, HTML mail etc. You get 5MB of disk space for mail. Also offers other free services: a calendar, chat room and 5MB of disk storage for you to keep files in. This is great if you are traveling and need access to certain information while on the road.
Additional facilities such as spellchecking, spam filters, attachments etc. You need a valid email address to sign up. Now offers 5MB storage space. Note that you can't use a different free email provider's email address to sign up, you need a "real" email address.
Not many sites let you get free email and help a good cause at the same time, but PurpleTurtle stands out from the crowd in that the site pledges 20% of all advertising revenue will go towards protecting an endangered species of giant turtle. At the moment, the site sponsors two turtles, and you can read up on their progress and even track them via a satellite link. A worthy cause, well worth a second look - but beware of the "energetic" colour scheme!
Free email service which supports attachments, BCC, saving draft messages, folders, changing the "From:" field (on an email-by-email basis) and more...,,,,,,,,,
Free email for racing fans. Wide choice of domain names available. You can also forward messages you receive to your current email address. 2.5Mb of storage space for email.
Free email with address book and filters.
Web-based email offered by a massive India-related English-language site. Also offers free webspace. Powered by CommTouch.
You get a great deal of control over your free email through this site. For instance, you can choose your default character set, how often the service checks for new messages, your outgoing email address and email header information, and more...
Free email powered by GoHip
Free email service with selective signup policy. Each application will be reviewed individually (this may take up to 2 weeks). The service itself comes with many extras, such as forwarding, vacation facility, address book and autoresponder services. You will need to send an email application to the webmaster, including details of why you want a free email account...
Free email service and free 2MB homepage
Free email powered by CommTouch.
Secure advertising-free free email service. The site uses SSL technology to deliver mail in privacy via any web browser. The site is very careful not to use any complex technology, so can be accessed from just about any type of browser.
Free web-based and POP email accounts for Christians. Note that the web-based interface currently does not handle HTML email.
Free email with an unusual domain name, powered by Coconut Software.
Free email for Hogan's Heroes fans, powered by GhostMail.
Free email powered by CommTouch
Australian service; offers personal email address book and ability to send and receive email attachments.
Boldly go where no free email has gone before with this service. The really desirable names (, etc. will cost you.)
Free email service powered by Coconut Software. Have a painkiller handy, this site is wild!
Free email service powered by WhoWhere?
Free email service aimed at students; powered by OnMedia
Free email powered by Outblaze