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Free E-mail Accounts you access via your Internet browser


With a choice of over 50 domains, this rapidly-evolving email service comes with a stack of features, including a spellchecker, email autoformatting options, IMAP and web-based access and more. Offers 10MB of storage at the free level; various low-priced membership options give access to POP3/SMTP, more storage space and many other features.


This service is fully integrated with the ICQ package, with a "new mail" indication appearing inside ICQ when you receive messages in ICQMail. As well as the usual features (folders, filtering, address book...), ICQMail offers a spell checker. You can check up to 5 other email accounts via this service.
Free web-based email service with lots of extras, including a spellchecker and online calendar. The service also lets you check existing POP mail accounts. It even offers a little POP-UP service that, as the name implies, pops up a message box to tell you when you have new mail waiting.
Free web-based email service, which includes the ability to specify your outgoing email address. Also lets you check existing mailboxes.,,, and hundreds more...
Free email service with 20MB of storage space for your messages, plus an autoresponder option, filters, folders, spam blocking options and more. Large choice of domain names available.
Free email service with 50MB of storage space for your messages, and the ability to mail attachments of up to 50MB. There's no advertising in your outgoing mail, and there are the usual extras such as signatures, an address book and so on.
Free email with 10MB of storage space.
Full-featured email account from "The Women's Network" Offers 4MB storage space, folders, address book and more.
Free email service powered by Outblaze.
Also offers a Japanese-language service; over 100 different domain names to choose from.
This service is also available in Chinese
Free email service offered by ProntoMail, aimed at under-18s.
KeftaMail is a free email service that pays for you to use it... sort of. You earn an unspecified number of "points" by completing various actions such as visiting sponsors, making purchases and so on. You also earn 20% of the points earned by anyone you refer to the service. Points can be redeemed for gifts. Note that the terms of service specify that KeftaMail can change the % they share for referrals at any time, without notice. On the email side, you get 2MB of storage space and the ability to check existing POP mailboxes via the service.
A very cute email service powered by Outblaze. Love the frogs!
Free email powered by Outblaze.
Free service powered by Chek.
Site also available in Korean, Chinese and Japanese
Free email for lawyers and people interested in law. Note that some user names have been marked as premium by this service provider, which means you'll have to pay to use these!
Free email powered by Outblaze
Free email with 10MB of storage space, spam filtering, folders and support for message attachments up to 1MB in size.
Free email powered by Coconut Software. Note that you can specify your FROM: address so that it looks like you are mailing from your usual email account - very useful when travelling, although an ad tag for Coconut may be added at the foot of each message.
The Australian version of Looksmart Mail,, etc. (32 domains relating to NFL Football)
Free email service along with exclusive fan newsletters and information with free membership to LoveFootball.
Dozens of domain names relating to British football clubs
If you're a football fan, take a look at this service which offers a choice of dozens of domain names relating to your favourite teams.
This free email service has probably the most easy-to-remember domain name in the business! Note that this service is free for web-based access only.
Billing itself as "the only free Web Mail service in Moldova", offers 3MB of disk space for your messages. Note that incoming messages are limited to 300KB maximum. Site seems very fast.
Free email from screamingly fast site. Includes group management facilities, an address book and other features.
Chek supplies free email for dozens of sites (all of which look almost identical since they come from the same template!)
Free email powered by Outblaze
"Gay owned and operated" free email service with 3MB of storage space and support for attachments up to 1MB in size.
A huge selection of over 1,000 domain names to choose from, including,, etc...
Free email with a massive choice of domain names, plus the ability to consolidate email from existing accounts so that you can read it all through MailSpace.
Free web-based email powered by FetchMail
Free email service powered by Coconut Software, for fans and supporters of Manchester City football club.
Free web-based email service in India. Note that the site asks a lot of demographic questions during the signup process. A free calendar and planner service are also available, though not integrated into the mail system.
Free email powered by Outblaze
Free email service with extras such as vacation reply, a variety of signatures and personalities (which allow you to specify your own outgoing mail address) and more.
Free email powered by GhostMail
A free email service offered by the University of Liverpool, MerseyMail does not put advertising in email messages. This is a community service site, and a list is provided of access points in the area (libraries, etc.) where people without Internet access at home can check their messages. NOTE: MerseyMail is only available to people working or living near Merseyside in the UK!
Free web-based email with a twist: if you are a US resident, you will get a chance to win free cash prizes every day. How it works: MillionaireMail selects a certain number of users every day to win rizes, and notifies them in their inbox. Note that you have to check for a winning message every day, since it will automatically be deleted within 48 hours and you will lose the chance of winning that prize. According to their Terms & Conditions, the minimum prize is $10 and they pay out at least $400 a day.
Free email service powered by
Over 200 domain names to choose from.
Free web-based mail, plus mail forwarding services at $11.95 per year.
Free email service powered by Emurl
MyRealBox offers free email with 10MB of storage space and both POP3 and IMAP-based access. Outgoing SMTP is also available. The MyRealBox service is offered by Novell as a testbed for their NIMS software package. As such, it is ad-free, but comes with a few restrictions. For instance, MyRealBox will not accept any Yahoo! Groups email messages. The FAQ also warns that the service may be down from time to time for debugging and the installation of new features.
Over 150 domain names to choose from, such as or
Kid-friendly free email service in association with WhoWhere?
Netscape teams with to offer free web-based email. Several comments received complaining about the speed of this service.
Newmail offers web-based and POP mail services, plus 5MB of space for storing messages and address books, filters etc.
Free email service for fans of Noriko Sakai. Powered by Outblaze.