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With a choice of over 50 domains, this rapidly-evolving email service comes with a stack of features, including a spellchecker, email autoformatting options, IMAP and web-based access and more. Offers 10MB of storage at the free level; various low-priced membership options give access to POP3/SMTP, more storage space and many other features.

Free email for kids from a colourful and active site. There is a strange conflict between eKidz' safety tips (which you see before signing up for an email account) which include not giving out personal information, and their signup process, which forces kids to enter a First and Last name (which will be displayed on all outgoing messages). Be aware of this if you're not comfortable for your kids to give out their real names in cyberspace.
Billing itself as the most memorable email address ever (and I would tend to agree), CNET's SNAP! has launched this free email service powered by iName. Also offers email forwarding.
Free email service with a memorable domain name, offered by Genki Productions (parent of this site). Service is powered by
Free email service with a simple domain name, includes 15MB of disk space as well as folders and an address book. A diary service is also included. This site seems very fast.
Over 350 domains to choose from, all relating to different areas of London.
If you live in London, you're almost bound to find a suitable email address here as this site seems to cover the whole city very well.
Free email service which sends you a weekly update newsletter as a condition of service.
Free email with an amusing domain name
Free email with a European flavour: Euroseek mail supports a wide variety of European characters, included accented characters, cedillas, umlauts etc.
EuroSport offers 20MB of storage for your email, together with the usual array of features such as support for signatures, mail filters and an address book. One appealing feature is its support for messages with attachments up to 5MB in size, larger than offered by many email services.
A Canadian service, and proud of it! Fastmail certainly seems to live up to its name, as the site loads very rapidly.,,,,, and many other domains (over 50 in all!)
Rapidly-evolving email service with a raft of features, including a spellchecker, email autoformatting options, IMAP and web-based access and more. Offers 10MB of storage at the free level, plus a number of low-priced membership levels giving access to POP3/SMTP, more storage space and many other features.
Free email service powered by Outblaze.
Service includes support for attachments and cc: field, an address book, signatures, folders and so on; you can also get a free web page from Fiberia.,, (these are just examples as the site offers several hundred first names to choose from)
Pick up free email relating to your first name... you can even suggest a name if FirstName doesn't carry it already. Service offers all the usual extras such as an address book, filters, automated vacation eplies, folders etc.
Over 700 domain names to choose from!
Service includes an address book, attachment support and more.
FlashMail offers free web-based email via a very clean and simple interface.
Also offers 20Mb of free web hosting space. You can create sub-directories in your allocated space. FortuneCity also offers webmasters a chance to make some money via a partnership with Safe-Audit.
Free email plus an online calendar, 25MB of web hosting space and more...,
Free email service from Pakistan; includes 3Mb disk space.
Free email service powered by SiteMail.
Free email powered by CommTouch.
Also offers free POP email and a choice of domain names. Does not offer SMTP services.
Free email with 6MB of storage, CC/BCC functionality, an address book, the ability to nest folders, multiple signatures and more. Three levels of enhanced email service are available for a fee.
Free email service with a fun domain name. Offers filtering, an address book and folders.
Free email powered by Outblaze.
Free email with an extremely easy-to-remember domain name, from the Disney/Infoseek partnership site. The signup process is a bit involved as you are actually igning up for personalization, including free email. You need an email address to complete the signup process, and if you don't have one GO will let you register a free email address so that you can then finish the registration process... very weird.

Free email service powered by Outblaze, plus mailing lists, a calendar, 20MB of free web space and more. 10MB of storage space for email messages.
Another WhoWhere-powered free email service. Gives 4MB storage for email messages. Now offers 11MB of free web hosting too.
Free email service aimed squarely at children
Free email with 2MB storage limit, filters, spam protection and more.
Free email with an attractive domain name.
The largest web-based free email service, now a part of the Microsoft family. You have 2MB of storage as part of this service. If you go over the 2MB storage limit, you receive a warning email indicating that in 5 days HotMail will delete some messages... and they do!
Are THEY watching you? HushMail provides the world's only 1024-bit secure encrypted free email service. You can use Hushmail as a normal free email service and send messages to anyone, but if you send messages to another HushMail user they are encrypted with an incredibly powerful cypher. As well as encryption, HushMail also offers folders and an address book. If you're even more paranoid, anonymous accounts are also available here!