Free Email Services: Listing A-D

Free Web-Based E-mail Services A-D

Free E-mail Accounts you access via your Internet browser


With a choice of over 50 domains, this rapidly-evolving email service comes with a stack of features, including a spellchecker, email autoformatting options, IMAP and web-based access and more. Offers 10MB of storage at the free level; various low-priced membership options give access to POP3/SMTP, more storage space and many other features.

Free email service with very powerful anti-virus and anti-spam filtering. Note that the maximum storage limit of 50 messages and 2MB makes it suitable for very light users only. Paid upgrades are available.
Free email service with email forwarding, autoresponders and other options included
Free email service for fans of Namie Amuro. Powered by Outblaze.
Free email with autoresponders, filters and more. You can register and use your own domain name with this service, although this option is not free.
Free email service from the genealogy folks. Note that you first need to become a guest member of (it's free, ignore the mention of "credit card" in the signup blurb as you are not asked for one!) and then you need to go through a second short process to activate your email account.
Free email service that does NOT allow you to pick your own user name (strange!), and around 60 other anime-related domain names
This free email service offers fans of Japanese anime around 60 domain names to choose from..
AOL NetMail is a free service for AOL users. It enables them to access their AOL mail via a web browser, and to compose and send new messages without using the AOL software (note that you have to belong to AOL to use this service, but you can get a month's free trial of AOL just about anywhere!) Be aware that this service requires the download of a LARGE browser plugin.
A wide selection of domain names covering Arabic countries, including,, etc.
Free web-based and POP mail service (no outgoing SMTP service) with 20MB of storage space for keeping your messages, and support for attachments up to 1MB per message.
Free email powered by CommTouch. Includes ICQ integration.
Free email aimed at the Asian community online.
Free email service with a monster 50MB of storage for your email messages. One word of caution: the amount of personal information that you have to provide when you register goes beyond any other site I'm aware of!
Free Australian web-based email service.
A service for Australian educators and anyone who wants an email address
Free email for beer lovers, includes a calendar and appointment book, as well as ICQ notification of new mail
Free email powered by Outblaze
Free email, free webspace, chat, discussion boards and more on this youth-oriented site. Be prepared for a bit of a wait if you're on a dial-up connection...
Free email service with 10MB of storage, offered as part of a sophisticated search site.,,,
Free email service powered by CommTouch.,,,,
Free web-based email service with a novel and commendable twist: 10% of all ad revenue generated by the site will be donated to charity. You can also send free E-cards (including musical ones!), and you can schedule cards months in advance so that you never forget an important occasion.
Free email with 5MB of storage and the ability to check multiple accounts.
You can set up address lists and folders for incoming mail. You can also set up signatures and access your existing POP mail account.
Qmail-based free email service with a variety of features, including collection of mail from up to 5 external POP boxes, address books, filters, auto responders. The service provides auto notification of new messages via ICQ, pager and email.
Free email with an emphasis on security: CertifiedMail always issues a tracking receipt to prove that a message has been read. Messages are encrypted, and a checksum is generated to verify that messages have not been tampered with. CertifiedMail is free for personal use for 30 days only.
Chek Mail offers a comprehensive free email service, including address book, signatures and more.
Also offers free email forwarding., or
Choice of 3 domain names. 5MB storage space for email messages.
Also offers free paging to notify you when you receive email, and you can retrieve your email via a free 800 telephone number. You can also build a free web page via an online interface. There's lots more stuff to do for free at this huge site. Note that CollegeClub membership is limited to college students.
Free email and free access to the CyberGrrl village
Also provides a comprehensive online schedule planner, including a To Do List, a calendar, appointment listings etc.
Free email powered by Outblaze
Free email powered by
Free email for those of a canine persuasion. Facilities include folders, spell checker, attachment support and more. Note that you cannot select your own password when you sign up, but you can change passwords later when you log into your account.
Free email powered by
Free email for fans of Doraemon, powered by Outblaze.,, and over 20 other domain names
Free email service with a large choice of domain names, powered by FreeMessage