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Thank you for using our online Marketing work request form. By completing this form, you will introduce us to your goals for the project. Please provide as much information as possible. After you submit the form, please be sure you receive an acknowledgement that your job was sent (a thank you screen will appear).

We will contact you within two days to discuss your project if further information is needed. Please plan on 10 working days for design work and 10 additional working days for print projects. Jobs larger in scope may require more design time. We look forward to working with you.

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The Associated Students & University Student Union, (ASI & USU) Marketing team is here to help you take your marketing and advertising to the next level. However, due to the creative nature and scope of our work please be advised of the following guidelines: I. Clients ASI & USU Graphic Design services are provided to on-campus clubs, organizations and departments; however, ASI & USU entities will always retain priority. II. Notice All projects MUST be given at least 2 weeks notice before design date, unless arrangements have been made with ASI Marketing Services Coordinatory. Ideally, units should plan projects 3 weeks to 1 month in advance to ensure a high quality of work from start to print. Projects vary by type; therefore, completion times may also vary. Please allow 1 week between the design date and the distribution date to ensure enough time for approvals and printing. III. Timeline ASI & USU will make every effort to complete work by the due dates agreed upon. However, completion of projects may be delayed if the patron does not communicate with the ASI Marketing Services Coordinator and or Graphic Designer at various times throughout the project's timeline. Postponement in communication or late submissions at any point in the project may cause the completion date to be pushed back. IV. Errors and Omissions: Patrons are responsible for the accuracy of ALL PROJECTS. It is the patron’s responsibility to check all proofs (outputs) thoroughly for error and oversights of any kind. V. Cancellations In the occurrence of cancellation of a project, ASI/USU keeps ownership of all copyrights and the original artwork. Requestor may still be charged for the design fee. VI. Copyright All artwork and designs are copyright of Associated Students Incorporated and University Student Union (referred to in this document as ASI/USU and ASI). Designs and images cannot be reproduced or transmitted in any form without prior written permission. The client is responsible for obtaining permission for printed reproduction of any images, photographs, and text. The client indemnifies ASI/USU against any action brought against it for breach of a third party's copyright.