ASI/USU A-Frame Form

Thank you for using our online Marketing work request form. By completing this form, you will introduce us to your goals for the project. Please provide as much information as possible.  After you submit the form, please be sure you receive an acknowledgement that your job was sent (a thank you screen will appear).

We will contact you within two days to discuss your project if further information is needed. Please plan on 10 working days for design work and 10 additional working days for print projects. Jobs larger in scope may require more design time. We look forward to working with you.

Requestor's Information
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If there is a low demand for A-Frames and the marketing team does not need to use them all, requestors may extend their time; however,they must fill out a new rental form stating the new return time/date. Requesting departments/organizations will be held financially responsible for all damaged or missing A-Frames. There will also be an additional $1 per day late fee each day that the A-frame is out.