First Year Seminars

Enhance your first year at Stan State.

First Year Seminars are high-engagement, topic-driven, lower-division GE courses, especially designed for entering first-year students:

  • Seminar-style
  • Co-curricular opportunities
  • Faculty scholarly passion
  • Get in deep with First Year Seminars!

First Year Seminars are strategic components of the GI 2025 Initiative.

First Year Seminars are low-enrollment, high-engagement, topic-driven versions of lower-division GE courses already offered at Stan State. First Year Seminars allow experienced and proficient faculty members to tailor their research and scholarly passion by dedicating a section of an existing lower- division GE course to a first-time first year student environment. Support and cohort-building activities will guide this elaboration.

First Year Seminars are capped at 25 students, are open to students from all majors, and will enrich first year studies by providing direct contact with an experienced faculty member sharing an area of study that excites their own intellectual passion. The seminar format and special topical focus encourage greater student engagement through individual and collective immersion in these courses and enhance academic engagement and student performance.

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