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Policy and Procedure information related to finance.

Failure to Pay Registration Fees when due:

Students are responsible to pay all fees associated with their enrollment and with other University policies. Students who fail to pay tuition fees when due as listed under Fee Payment Deadlines will be subject to disenrollment and late payment fees. Your enrollment is not cancelled by not attending classes for which you have registered. Students may not rely on any University personnel, including faculty, instructors, school or college deans, department secretaries or any other person to add or drop classes on the student's behalf.

Additionally, for state-supported terms, failure to withdraw from all courses prior to the first day of the term will subject the student to pro-rated tuition. The pro-rata liability is determined on the basis of the date of the student's withdrawal and the length of the academic period. The length of the academic period is calculated from the first day of instruction through the final exam day of the period and excludes any breaks of five (5) days or more.

Only on-time payment or timely withdrawal from all classes will exempt students from a debt to the University and late payment fees.

If you will not be attending the University or you will be reducing your unit enrollment, you must drop your classes via the Web or by submitting a Withdrawal form to Enrollment Services.  The Registration HelpLine (209) 667-3039 is available to assist with Web registration problems, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. during Fall, Winter, & Spring & 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. during the Summer, Monday through Friday.  Tuition fees are due in accordance with the Fee Payment deadlines.  You may review the status of your financial aid or verify your balance due by visiting my CSUSTAN

Installment Plan Policy

An installment payment plan (IPP) is available to students who owe for current term tuition fees. The installment payment plan allows you to make three payments and extend the time you have to pay current term tuition and pay in smaller increments than the whole amount due. Learn more about Installment Payment Plan