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Print Shop

Print Shop Equipment and Services

Digital Printer
Rapid Large Volume Copying
Wide Format Printing
Outdoor Posters or Banners

About the Print Shop

CSU Stanislaus has an on-campus print shop that can produce a variety of materials and products that will support your mission.  You will sometimes hear it referred to as “Reprographics”.  The Print Shop is located in the basement of the Mary Stuart Rogers Educational Services Gateway building (MSR010).  The services available include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • High-end printing with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Rapid volume copying
  • Wide-format printing
  • Posters & Banners
  • Easel signs
  • Laminating

About Print Shop Equipment and Services Offered

Digital Printer

The CSU Stanislaus Print Shop has a Cannon Image Press 7000VP, a high-end, multi-function, digital printer/copier.  With this technology they are able to produce color consistency throughout the entire print run, small or large.  They are able to print variable data (see description below), number tickets, and address postcards, as the product exits the machine.  The maximum sheet size is 13 x 19 so they can produce a full bleed (color clear to the edge) 12 x 18 product.  The machine can also handle very thick paper, up to 300 grams.  They calibrate the machine on a daily basis to keep the equipment running at its optimum.

Rapid Large Volume Copying

The Print Shop has multiple high-speed copiers.  It is more cost effective, and quicker, to have the Print Shop do large-volume copying for you. 

Wide Format Printing

The Print Shop can produce any width printed product up to 5 feet wide by 200 feet long.


The following are the most common poster sizes that can be produced at the Print Shop:

  • 12” x 18”
  • 18” x 24”
  • 24” x 36”
  • 48” x 52”
  • 60” x 98”

We also have the capabilities to produce custom sizes. To learn more contact the Print Shop.


The Print Shop can laminate printed material of all sizes up to 24 inches wide by 200 feet long.

Outdoor Posters or Banners

The Print Shop has the equipment required to print on vinyl material to produce outdoor posters or banners.  They can print all sizes of to 5 feet wide by 45 feet long.


Coil and comb bindings are available for multi-page documents.

How do I place a copying or printing work order?

Come to the Print Shop information desk located in MSR010 (basement).

About Print Shop Charges for Service

Copying and printing charges are to be paid at the time service is provided.  Payment can be cash, check, credit card, or Warrior Cash.

About Copy Centers

Coin operated copiers are located at the following locations for student, faculty, and staff use:

  • Bizzini Hall/Classroom Building room #C-134
  • MSR basement, room #010
  • Dorms , Computer Lab

Per page costs are: black and white @ $0.05

About Compliance with Copyright Laws

The Print Shop complies with CSU Executive Order 999, Illegal Electronic File Sharing and Protection of Electronic Copyrighted Material, and CSU Stanislaus Office of Information Policy – Copyrighted Materials Access Policy.  If materials submitted for printing or copying are copyrighted, the appropriate approvals must be obtained prior to the Print Shop providing service.