Reimbursements & Petty Cash How to

Step-by-step instructions for tasks related to reimbursements.

What amount is considered for reimbursement out of Petty Cash?

An expenditure under $50.00 is considered to be reimbursable from petty cash or can be submitted using a Concur Expense Report.  However, it is preferable to use the PCard for low value purchases.  In order for CSU Stanislaus employee to be reimbursed for personal expenditures under $50.00 it must be approved as a university expenditure by the appropriate delegated authority.

How do I get reimbursed from Petty Cash?

Determine if your department has a Petty Cash Fund and Custodian.  If so, follow the procedure below and submit the request to the Petty Cash Custodian.  If not, follow the procedure below and submit to the campus Cashier Office.

  • Complete the Petty Cash Voucher Form
  • Attach itemized receipt to Voucher
  • Attach approved Hospitality form if expense was for hospitality.
  • Obtain signature of authorized delegated authority for financial transaction. (Signature policy)
  • Submit to Petty Cash Custodian or Cashier
  • Receive cash from Custodian or Cashier

Alternatively, you can submit an Expense Report in the Concur software.  Payment time varies based on how quickly the appropriate delegated authority approves your report.  Checks and EFT for your reimbursement are issued from Accounts Payable.

How do I submit a Direct Payment Request for reimbursement of amounts $50.00 or over?

The preferred method for receiving  submit an Expense Report in the Concur software.  Payment time varies based on how quickly the appropriate delegated authority approves your report.  Checks and EFT for your reimbursement are issued from Accounts Payable.

Complete the Employee Reimbursement Form (not the Direct Payment – Vendor Form).

  • Name: Name of employee to be reimbursed
  • Address: Employee address File a Direct Deposit (EFT) form for the most rapid method of reimbursement.
  • Receipt Description: Each receipt attached must be separately identified in one of the Receipt Description spaces on the form.  Attach additional sheets if needed to list all attached receipts.  Each receipt must be itemized.
  • Chartstring: Enter the appropriate Fund, Department, Account, Program, and Project (grants only) codes for where the reimbursement should be charged.  For more information about chartstrings go to Finance Fundamentals.
  • Amount: Enter the amount (must match attached receipt) that should be charged to each identified chart string.  The Total Amount must be the same as the total of the attached receipts.
  • Requestor Name: Enter the name of the Requestor and obtain the Requestor signature.  The department Chair/Supervisor name and signature should be entered if this is required internally by the College or division in order to obtain authorization from a Dean/AVP or VP.  Financial Services does not require this signature for processing the Employee Reimbursement request.
  • Authorizations: Employee reimbursement requests under $1,000 can be authorized by a Dean or AVP.  Employee reimbursement request of $1,000 or over must be authorized by the appropriate Vice President.  Employee reimbursement requests for Grants can be authorized by the PI.  Employee reimbursement request for Trust Funds can be authorized by the Trustee identified on the Trust Agreement.  The employee to be reimbursed and the authorized signer cannot be the same. About Delegated Authorities.

Submit the completed form to Financial Services, MSR 270. (AP technician)

How do I submit a Travel Claim for reimbursement of travel expenses?

For complete Travel Claim instructions go to the Travel web page. 

How can I get a Petty Cash Fund for my department or Auxiliary?

To setup a Cash Fund, the department completes a University or Auxiliary Cash Fund Application form. A cash fund must be assigned to a specific individual as custodian.  The custodian will be responsible for the amount advanced and should be trained on their responsibilities before accepting a petty cash fund.  Evidence that the custodian has received the proper training should be documented.

Cash Fund Applications include the following:

  • Requestor Information
  • Requestor signature
  • Custodian information
  • Custodian signature
  • Delegated authority signature

The Cash Fund Application is submitted to Financial Services for approval.  Once approved, a check will be issued to establish the fund.

What are the Cash Fund Custodian responsibilities?

The Cash Fund Custodian is responsible for the following:

  • Ensuring that the cash fund box is safeguarded at all times, preferably in a locked safe.
  • The amount of cash issued at the time of setup.
  • Reviewing Petty Cash Vouchers for Reimbursement to determine that they meet the university requirements for reimbursement. (Petty Cash Policy)
  • Not making cash advances out of the Cash Fund.
  • Not comingling petty cash funds with other funds.
  • Reconciling the amount of cash and the Reimbursement Vouchers to the amount of cash at setup (i.e., if $200 original setup amount, remaining cash and total of reimbursement vouchers must total $200).
  • Requesting replenishment of the Cash Fund as needed.
  • Reporting a theft from the Cash Fund.

How do I get my Petty Cash Fund replenished?

To obtain replenishment of a Petty Cash Fund, a disbursement voucher (Petty Cash Reimbursement Voucher) must be submitted to Accounts Payable.  After the original transaction receipts are verified the accounts payable technician will submit a check request.  The check will be processed in the weekly check run.

What should I do if there is a theft from the Petty Cash Fund?

In the event of theft, notify Campus Police immediately.  A new request should be submitted requesting reimbursement of the fund which includes the following:

  • Date and time of theft.
  • Amount of theft.
  • Circumstances involved.
  • Copy of police report.
  • Prevention taken against similar occurrences.