Records Management How to

How do I prepare for documents to be stored in centralized storage?

  • Gather the documents into a file storage box (standard size).  Documents should be segregated according to type for easier document retrieval.
  • Complete a Records Transfer form containing the following information:
    • Date Submitted
    • Department
    • Submitted by
    • Department Head
    • Destruction Date
    • Description of Records
    • Dates of Records
    • Attach one copy of Records Transfer form on the file storage box box as a label, put an additional copy in the box with the contents and send one copy per box to the Records Management Office
  • Contact the Records Management Office to schedule a pick-up of the storage box(es).

Where will the box(es) be stored?

The University’s centralized storage is located in the Mary Stuart Rogers Educational Services Gateway Building (MSR) basement.

How do I request document retrieval?

E-mail or call the Mailroom at 667-3014.

How do I return documents that I have retrieved from centralized storage?

E-mail or call the Mailroom at 667-3014.

What are my shredding options?

Shredding options are as follows:

  • A secure/locked receptacle can be located in your office for a monthly fee.
  • Special project shredding can be arraigned, (clean up of a specific office, etc.)
  • Highly confidential document shredding can be arranged where a shredder truck comes to campus and gives you a signed receipt for shredding completed on site.

How do I submit a request for shredding service?

Complete the Shredding Request Form, indicating the shredding option you want.  The form contains an area to enter the department chart string.  Your department will be billed through the charge-back process.