Mail/Shipping/Receiving How to

Step-by-step instructions for tasks related to mail, shipping, and receiving services.

How do I get my mail?

Each university department is assigned a mail box located in an area that is easily accessible.  Most departments assign a staff member to be responsible for picking up the mail from the mail box each afternoon, Monday through Friday.  Each department then has its own process for distributing mail to individuals within the department.

How do I get my department's mail to the post office?

There are two ways to have Mail Services deliver your mail to the post office:

  • Each campus mail box location has an outgoing mail collection box.  Outgoing mail will be picked up at the time incoming mail is delivered to the mail box site.  Outgoing mail is then processed (postage applied and sealed) and delivered to the Turlock Post Office at 4 PM, Monday through Friday.
  • Mail Services has an outgoing mail collection box in their lobby (MSR010, basement).  Outgoing mail collected and processed by 3:30 will be delivered to the Turlock Post Office around 4 PM.

How do I send mail to another department on campus?

Intra-campus mail should be placed in a large envelope with information printed on the outside stating which department it is going to and who is to receive it.  There are two ways to have intra-campus mail collected:

  • Each campus mail box site has an intra-campus mail collection box.  Intra-campus mail will be picked up at the time incoming mail is delivered.  It will be sorted and delivered with the next day's incoming mail. 
  • Mail Services has an intra-campus mail collection box in their lobby (MSR010, basement).

How do I get postage for my outgoing university mail?

Postage for outgoing university mail is applied by Mail Services as part of mail processing.  The postage applied will depend on the mail size and weight. Postage Prices

How do I send an item overnight?

Because timing with the Post Office is difficult for USPS Priority overnight mail processing, the best way to secure overnight mail services is through UPS.  Take your item to Mail Services (MSR 010, basement) and log it in on the UPS overnight worksheet.  Mail Services staff will process the UPS delivery tags and will ask you for your department's mail code for processing the charge.  They will provide you with your UPS receipt so you can access UPS tracking. UPS Tracking on Resources Page

How do I get postage for my personal mail?

You can purchase stamps and other mailing services at the Mail Services office (MSR 010, basement).  Mail Services sells individual stamps, books of Forever stamps, some holiday and commemorative stamp offerings, and Forever stamps for international postage rates.  They do not sell any stamps that are a set postage amount ($1.00, $0.49, $0.2, etc.)

What is the postage cost difference between folding a letter in a #10 envelope and mailing it flat in a large envelope?

The cost difference between mailing a letter (#10 envelope) and mailing a flat is double.current postage costs

How is my department charged for postage?

USPS Postage: To ensure that university mail is processed, the department's mail code must be on each piece of mail.  At the end of each month Mail Services staff runs a report that is then fed into PeopleSoft Finance. About PeopleSoft Finance. The postage charge total for each department is entered into the general ledger.  Departments can view their monthly expenses by running a PeopleSoft data warehouse report. How to run a financial report in Finance Fundamentals.

UPS Postage: UPS provides reports for Mail Services to use in compiling a department's UPS charges.  A month-end report, using the department's mail code, is uploaded into PeopleSoft Finance general ledger.  Departments can view their monthly expenses by running a PeopleSoft data warehouse report. How to run a financial report in Finance Fundamentals.

How do I get a bulk mailing processed?

Prior to printing material for a bulk mailing you should meet with Mail Services staff to discuss the mailing options.  They can assist you in preparing a mailing that will be timely and cost effective.  Prior to meeting with Mail Services staff identify the recipient list to be used and determine if it has gone through NCOA checking within the last 90 days. (About NCOA)  If NCOA is required, provide the recipient list in Excel format to Mail Services.  There will be charge for NCOA service.

Once you have confirmed that you will in fact be doing a bulk mailing you should meet with the Print Shop staff to determine the best printing process.  Your material can be as simple as an invoice inserted in an envelope or as complex as a Print-to-Mail piece with the postage and addresses printed on the material.

The Print Shop and Mail Services can advise you on material mistakes that will cause the USPS to disallow discount commercial (bulk mail) pricing.

Complete the Bulk Mailing Work Order and deliver it with the material to be mailed to Mail Services. Bulk Mail work order

How do I request a Print-To-Mail bulk mailing?

At the time you are considering doing a large mailing contact Mail Services or Print Shop to discuss the project.  They will be able to tell you if your mailing meets design requirements and has an appropriate list of addresses for the Print-To-Mail method.  The recipient list must be in a field-based format such a MS access or MS Excel (MS Word is not a workable format). 
Mail Service, Print Shop

When you are ready to place a Print-To-Mail order complete the Print Shop work order.

How do I get folding and inserting service for a campus bulk mailing?

Folding service is provided by the Print Shop.  To request complete the Print Shop work order. Print shop work order
Mail Services will provide inserting service upon request.  Complete the Inserting Work Order

How can I get personal packaging services?

Mail Services is a "USPS Approved Shipping Center".  Take your items to Mail Services in the MSR basement.  The staff will assist you in determining the best mailing option, will package the items, and print the required postage.  You can pay with cash, check, credit card, or Warrior Cash.

How will I receive the items that I ordered through the requisition process or purchased with my PCard?

All deliveries to campus are received at Shipping & Receiving in the Corporation Yard.  Once the item has been processed (Receiving Procedure) it will be scheduled for delivery to your office.  You will be asked to sign to confirm receipt.

A Package Tracking database is available to allow you to track your items once they have been received by Shipping & Receiving. Tracking data base

How do I return an item ordered through the requisition process?

If you need to return an item purchased through the requisition process do the following:

  • Notify the Procurement Department immediately. (Buying Paying contact) The Procurement Department will contact the vendor to determine the procedure to be followed.
  • Procurement will provide Shipping & Receiving with the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number.   
  • Contact Shipping & Receiving to have the item picked up.
  • The item will be repackaged and returned within 30 days.
  • The university will receive a credit which will be applied to the account that was charged.

How do I return an item ordered with my PCard?

The return of items purchased with a PCard must be handled by the purchaser. How Return Merchandise Purchased with a PCard.

Can I have personal items shipped to campus Mail Services or Receiving?

Support Services (Central Receiving and Mail Services) is for official University business and draw on limited University funding, so it is prohibited to receive personal packages through Central Receiving and Mail Services. Additionally, the University cannot assume liability for the receipt of personal deliveries.

Since all deliveries go through the Mail room and Central Receiving for security purposes, this applies to the US Postal Service, FedEx, UPS and other couriers.

We understand that you cannot always be home to receive packages, but Support Services will not be responsible for personal packages or any delay, damage or loss of these packages.  Below are some alternatives to work delivery.

  1. Make arrangements with family, friends or relatives to receive your package while you are at work
  2. Alternative arrangements for receiving your packages can be made with these vendors: