Copying & Printing How to

Step-by-step instructions for tasks related to copying and printing services.

How do I order paper for my department's copier/printer?

If your copier/printer is part of the Copy Program common-size paper is included in your usage charges. To order, complete a Print Shop work order and identify the Copy Program number of your machine.

If your department owns the copier/printer, the Print Shop can supply common-size paper at a below-market cost due to large-volume buying. To order, complete a Print shop work order and include your department's speedchart.

All paper orders are full case lots and will be delivered to your department.

How do I order letterhead or business cards?

For Letterhead orders please use Letterhead/Envelopes form.

For Business card orders please use Business Card Order form.

How do I place a copying or printing work order?

Place your order using the Print Shop Copy form.

How do I get information on Direct Mail (Print-To-Mail)?

At the time you are considering doing a large mailing contact the Print Shop to discuss the project. They will provide you information that will assist you in designing your mailer to benefit from the specialized Print Shop equipment and services.

For design assistance contact University Communications & Public Relations Creative Services

I need a copy machine in my department. How can I have a comparison between purchasing equipment and the Copy Program alternative?

Contact the Print Shop to have a comparison done. They will ask you for information on your anticipated type and volume of use.

How can I obtain assistance from a graphic designer?

The Creative Services unit in the University Communications & Public Relations department provides graphic design services for university projects. Work Request Form