New Policies

Pell Program Limit

The maximum Pell Grant an eligible student may receive is for the equivalent of 12 full-time semesters or six years (600% of their Pell Grant eligibility). Visit the NSLDS website to determine the percentage of Pell Grant you have received.

State University Grant (SUG)

The following changes are effective as of Fall 2013:

  • Students pursuing a 2nd Bachelor's degree, 2nd Credential, or 2nd Master's degree are not eligible to receive the State University Grant.
  • A student's lifetime eligibility for SUG will have an earned unit cap based on the number of units required to graduate in their declared major (see chart below).
  • A student will no longer be eligible for the State University Grant once the earned unit cap is reached (see chart below).

Students who have earned a Master’s Degree and are now pursuing a Teaching Credential are not eligible for a Federal PELL Grant or a State University Grant. 

  Units SUG Capped at
Undergraduate Degree Requires <150 Units -
Undergrad Transfer Units: less than 75 Units transferred 150 earned Units (Transfer + CSU units)
Undergrad Transfer Units: more than 75 transferred 75 earned Units (at CSU)
Teaching Credentials SUG Capped at
  Teacher and credential students cannot accumulate more than 30 earned units*
*For credential programs in which the program length is more than 30 units, the campus may fund up to the required program length.
  Masters SUG Capped at
Graduate Degree Requires Units vary by degree 125%* of units required for degree
* Includes all prior master's degree objectives (including Extended Ed) & graduate transfer Units
Prior Degree: 2nd BA, 2nd MA, 2nd Credential Not Eligible Not Eligible

Important Note: Earned units for grades D- or above are counted when determining unit cap for SUG.