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Create a Bb/TII Assignment

  1. In the Bb Course Menu, click the Content Area (e.g., Assignments) where you want the students to submit the Turnitin Assignment.
  2. In the Assessments menu, select Turnitin Assignment.
  3. Click the button for the Assignment Type:Paper Assignment - basic type, most common.PeerMark Assignment - for students to review their peers' papers.Revision Assignment - for multiple draft uploads without overwriting the previous drafts. This assignment type requires a Paper Assignment to be created first. Click Next Step
  4. On the New Assignment page, enter the Assignment Title, the Point Value, and the Start/Due/Post Date options (Post Date may not apply for your assignment. If used, select a date after the Due Date.)
  5. Set Optional Settings as needed (Special Instructions, alternate settings)
  6. Click Submit.

A column is added to your Grade Center.

Students see the TII Assignment Name View/Complete link on that content page. The assignment is submitted to TII through the Bb TII Assignment link. ---- To download and evaluate the assignment:

In your Bb Control Panel, click Course Tools, then click the Turnitin Assignments link. Click the link on that page for the assignment.

Click Roster Sync, if necessary, to add or update student names to the TII Author column.