This guide serves as an informational handbook for new full-and-part-time faculty, providing an introduction to the university and to basic professional responsibilities. We hope we've made this edition of the New Faculty Survival Guide as informative and accurate as possible, but as with any large and collaborative work, errors can creep in. If something in this guide doesn't seem quite right, or if you are using this information to make a crucial decision, be sure to check with the official sources listen in the Survival Guide. We expect that this guide will provide you with important information, and also with suggestions for how to track down more details as needed. Remember, this is not an official statement of policies and procedures. We urge faculty members to alert us of updates and revisions so that this guide will continue to be useful to new faculty for years to come.

This New Faculty Survival Guide is not meant to supersede the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Board of Trustees and the California Faculty Association, or established rules and regulations that govern the system, the university, and the faculty in particular. New faculty should be aware that the official statement of University policy and procedures with regard to faculty at Stanislaus State is the Stanislaus State Faculty Handbook, available on the Web at In case of any conflict between the contents of this guide and the provisions of the primary sources, the primary sources prevail. You will find a bibliography of important primary resources at the end of Chapter 1.

You will also find a short response form at the end of this guide where you can jot down ideas for improving the Survival Guide based on your experiences throughout the year. We will incorporate your suggestions for improving this guide in our next edition if you send us the review page by the end of the academic year. Thank you in advance for your interest improving this guide for future colleagues.