Message from the President

Joseph F. Sheley

Welcome to California State University, Stanislaus. I am so pleased that you chose to join us. CSU Stanislaus is truly an exciting place for faculty — small enough to allow you to really connect with your students, colleagues and community, yet large enough to offer many resources to support your professional interests. 

We are a university that is committed to student success and providing a high-quality learning experience with a strong focus on general education in the liberal arts and sciences. We believe all students should leave here with a broad set of fundamental skills that will serve them throughout their lives, regardless of their chosen major, and we put a special emphasis on writing across all disciplines. Our students are eager to learn, to interact with faculty, to gain experience in their field, and to serve the community.

Student success begins with teaching excellence, and we are committed to supporting your professional development. In addition to the research and scholarship opportunities available to you, CSU Stanislaus is fortunate to have the Faculty Development Center, a beautiful facility that provides access to workshops, events and other activities for your academic and personal enrichment.     

You will also find the campus community and local community to be invaluable resources. Our faculty and staff are committed to student success and are always available to provide assistance, advice and support as you navigate your first year at CSU Stanislaus. And we are continually building and strengthening our relationships with the local community, creating ties that lead to rich opportunities for community service and experiential learning.

I trust you will enjoy your time at our beautiful campus. We have tremendous pride in CSU Stanislaus, and we hope you will too. Please join me in spreading the word about this great university so that it — and our students, faculty and staff — receive the recognition that is so richly deserved.

I wish you all the best during your first year at CSU Stanislaus, and beyond.



Joseph F. Sheley,