Stanislaus State is a growing campus in an increasingly diverse and changing community. Our goal is to create an educational environment that fosters excellent teaching, learning, and research. Faculty, staff, students, and administrators all work together to create a collegial environment that encourages growth and discovery. The authors designed this New Faculty Survival Guide to orient you to this campus, to the community it serves, and to life in the Central Valley. We hope this guide will continue to be useful to you in the years to come. If you find we've overlooked anything, or made a mistake, please let us know.

Selected Teaching Bibliography

The following is a selection of the many reference books on teaching available at the Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (JSRFDC 101)

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"Alphabet Soup"

Common acronyms used at Stanislaus State

AP - Advanced Placement Test

APRC - Academic Program Review Committee

AS - Academic Senate

ASI - Associated Students, Inc.

AAUP - American Association of University Professors

AVP - Associate Vice President

AY - Academic Year

BOT - Board of Trustees

CETI - California Educational Technology Initiative

CFA - California Faculty Association

COBRA - Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act

COC - Committee on Committees

CODEC - Compressed Video Television

CRN - Course Request Number

CTA - California Teachers Association

DBH - Demergasso-Bava Hall, aka Professional Schools Building, or PSB, or P

DSS - Disabled Student Services

ELM - Entry Level Math

EPT - English Placement Test

ESL - English as a Second Language

FAC - Faculty Affairs Committee

FAR - Faculty Activity Report

FBAC - Faculty Budget Advisory Committee

FCETL - Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

FDC - Faculty Development Committee

FERP - Faculty Early Retirement Program

FERPA - Federal Education Right to Privacy Act

FML - Family Medical Leave

FMP - Faculty Mentor Program

FTE - Full-Time Equivalent

GC - Graduate Council

GE - General Education

HECCC - Higher Education Consortium of Central California

HEERA - Higher Education Employer Employee Relations Act

HR - Human Resources

IDEA - Individual Development and Educational Assessment

IRB - Institutional Review Board

ITFS - Instructional Television Fixed Service

AITS - Integrated Technology Strategy

ITV - Instructional Television

JSRFDC - John Stuart Rogers Faculty Development Center

KCSS - Stanislaus State Campus Radio Station

L - Library

LAC - Leaves and Awards Committee

MAP - Master Academic Plan (ning)

MELVYL - University of California Library Catalogue

MOU - Memorandum of Understanding, aka CSU-CFA Agreement

MS - Moved and Seconded

MSP - Moved and Seconded and Passed

MSR - Mary Stuart Rogers Building

NEA - National Education Association

OCLC - Online Computerized Library Center

OIT - Office of Information Technology

OLLIE - On-Line Library Information Exchange

ORSP - Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

PAF - Personnel Action File

CalPERS - Public Employees' Retirement System

PST - State Department of Personnel Administration Retirement Plan

RPT - Retention, Promotion and Tenure

RPTC - Retention, Promotion and Tenure Committee

RSCA - Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

RSCAPC - Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Policy Committee

RW - Weber Square on Stockton Center

SATE - Student Assessment of Teaching Effectiveness

SEC - Senate Executive Committee

SEIU - Service Employees International Union

SIP - System-wide Internal Partnership

SSS - Student Support Services

SWAS - State-wide Academic Senate

TII - Technology Infrastructure Initiative

TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language

UEE - University Extended Education

UBPAC - University Budget Planning and Assessment Committee

UEPC - University Educational Policies Committee

UPB - University Program Board

URPTC - University Retention, Promotion and Tenure Committee

UWC - University Writing Committee

VPAA - Vice President for Academic Affairs/Provost

WASC - Western Association of Schools and Colleges

WP - Writing Proficiency

WPAF - Working Personnel Action File

WPST - Writing Proficiency Screening Test

WTU - Weighted Teaching Unit

Frequently Called Numbers

Advising Resource Center - 3304

Admissions - 3152

Academic Senate - 3400

Campus Compliance Officer - 3747

Technology Support Desk - 3687

Stanislaus State/Stockton Academics - 467-5333

Dean of Students - 3177

Facilities Services - 3211

Faculty Affairs - 3392

Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning - 3216

Faculty Multimedia Laboratory - 3347

Human Resources - 3351

Instructional Media Center - 3116

The Bookstore - 3161

Institutional Research - 3281

Office of International Education - 3117

2017-2018 New Faculty Survival Guide 133

Office of Information Technology - 3343

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs - 3493

Psychological Counseling - 3381

Public Safety - 3114

Records/Registration - 3264

Service Learning Office - 3311

Tutoring Center - 3642

Maps & Directions

Organization Charts

Academic Senate Chart.pdf