The New Faculty Survival Guide is now beginning its 18th year of use and publication at California State University, Stanislaus. Keeping this document timely is not a simple task. It involves considerable collaboration and teamwork.

I would like to offer thanks and appreciation to the numerous people who annually revisit the various text sections that reflect their areas of service, expertise, and day-to-day interactions on the campus. Thank you faculty, staff, and administrators. This document would not be a living and useful one without assistance and support in the updating and refining process.

I am appreciative of the work of the Faculty Development Committee
during 2017-18. The Committee continues to focus on providing a well-
rounded program of professional development opportunities for faculty at
all levels of service to the university. I appreciate the time and efforts of
Drs. Gina Cook, Heather Dean, Augustine Avwunudiogba, Bob Koehler, Chris Bradshaw, Esther McKoon, Marty Giaramita, Jake Myers and Cathlin Davis during a very active academic year at the John Stuart Rogers Faculty Development Center.

This guide could not have been produced without the patience, organizational talent, typing, and editing skills of Emy Barsley, Coordinator of the Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

Continued thanks and appreciation are offered to the original New Faculty Survival Guide Committee who wrote this document during 1999-2000. The source for much of their work can be linked to a masterful faculty guide developed by out sister university, CSU East Bay. We continue to appreciate their willingness and permission to utilize their format and organizational approach to create our own unique document that grows and expands.

Enjoy this survival guide. I hope it will prove to be a valuable resource for you as you begin and continue your work at CSU Stanislaus.

Shradha Tibrewal, Director
Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning