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Elizabeth Anne B. Papageorge Faculty Development Award 


Elizabeth Anne. B. Papageorge, CSU Stanislaus Emeritus Professor of Education was a strong supporter of faculty members. Her efforts made a positive impact on the careers the careers of many faculty at CSU Stanislaus. In honor of her consistent support for incoming faculty, her enthusiasm for the art of teaching, and her dedication to student learning, the Office of the Provost and the Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (FCETL) are pleased to announce the “Elizabeth Anne B. Papageorge Faculty Development Award.” The purpose of this award is to recognize and encourage outstanding achievement (primarily, but not limited to, teaching) by a probationary (tenure-track) faculty member at CSU, Stanislaus. In addition to a monetary award of not less than $500.00, the recipient’s name will be inscribed on a perpetual plaque displayed in the Faculty Development Center. 


  1. This award is available only to probationary faculty members (tenure track) who are nominated by CSU Stanislaus faculty or students. 
  2. The FCETL is responsible for the yearly announcement and call for nominees. All nominations are submitted to the Director of the FCETL based on the calendar set by the FCETL and the Leaves and Awards Committee. 
  3. The nominator(s) sends a letter of not more than two pages nominating a specific probationary faculty member (tenure track) and providing a rationale based on the nominee’s teaching, and where applicable, research, scholarship, creative activity, and service as they relate to teaching. Please submit all nominations to Dr. Marina Gerson, Director of the Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (FCETL) by October 9, 2015. 
  4. Nominees are notified by the FCETL Director and must respond to her with their acceptance of the nomination along with a statement of their teaching philosophy and pedagogy and, where applicable, how their research, scholarship, creative activity, and service support their philosophy and pedagogy. Letters of support from colleagues and students and IDEA summary pages are encouraged. The candidate’s file is limited to 20 pages, including the letter of acceptance, pedagogical narrative, letters of support and IDEA summaries. These documents must be received by the FCETL Director by February 5, 2016, no later than 1:00 p.m. 

Notification of the Award will be announced by the Provost in late March. The recipient will be honored at the Faculty Awards Reception in late Spring. Please call Marina Gerson, FCETL Director at Ext. 3215 if additional information is needed. 

Faculty Fellow Opportunity 2015-16

APPLICATIONS DUE at NOON Monday, October 19th to

The Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning announces a fellowship opportunity available to CSU Stanislaus facultymembers (any rank). Proposed projects for the Faculty Center Fellowship project should bring together colleagues from throughout thecampus to foster faculty development in the broadest sense: to sustain dialogues on teaching and learning, to encourage ideas andpractices for effective teaching, and/or to support scholarly and creative endeavors. While we will consider proposals on any topic, we areespecially interested in projects related to the following themes/issues:

  • Connecting teaching, learning and/or RSCA to one or more qualities named in the CSU Stanislaus Mission Statement (i.e. howmight we challenge one another to be fully engaged, responsible citizens with the ethics, knowledge, skills, and desire to improve self and community? How do we elicit, nurture, and enhance the different voices of our selves, students andcommunities through deliberate engagement, continual discovery and ongoing transformation?)
  • Facilitating dialogue across campus on departmental RPT elaborations in order to promote rigorous and clear review practices
  • Providing an inclusive teaching and learning environment that values and embraces diversity
  • Enhancing writing skills across the curriculum and/or among faculty members.
  • Connecting scholarship on teaching and learning to local curriculum transformation activities
  • Supporting the development of student metacognition
  • Enhancing interdisciplinarity; and/or
  • Improving achievement of student learning outcomes and retention and graduation rates.

The Faculty Center Fellow will receive 3 units of funded reassigned time in Spring 2016 in order to plan, implement, and evaluate campus-wide professional development events. The Fellow will be funded to design and coordinate a semester-long project or program that responds to needs of faculty across disciplinary lines. Up to $1000 will be available to the Fellow for supplies, participant stipends, and/or other project expenses. The FCETL has funding for two Faculty Fellows this academic year.

Duties & Responsibilities

Faculty Center Fellow will:

  • Complete a project designed to enhance teaching, learning, or scholarship among faculty
  • Facilitate or organize multiple events/workshops and/or a learning community for faculty to occur during Spring 2016
  • Attend the Faculty Development Committee meetings during the term in which funded reassigned time is received
  • Include a method of assessment for the effectiveness of the project
  • Submit a written report about the effectiveness of the project to the FCETL Director by June 1, 2016
  • Coordinate work with and be supervised by the FCETL Director

To Apply

Send a 1-2 page project proposal by noon on Monday, October 19, 2015 to Marina Gerson at The Faculty Development Committee will be reviewing the proposals on October 20th.

Proposals should include:

  • 1-2 paragraphs indicating the intended topic(s) you will focus on, information regarding the project’s objectives as they relate to the support of teaching and learning at Stanislaus, and the specific activities you intend to engage in to achieve the objectives. The project should be of sufficient scope to warrant 3 units of funded reassigned time;
  • an indication of the knowledge, skills, or experiences that prepare you for providing leadership for the project you have proposed;
  • a timeline for planning and executing the project, in Winter/Spring 2016;
  • any requests for facilities or other resources;
  • a general budget for supplies, materials or stipends. Where appropriate, the proposal should refer to enhancement of any existing campus programs; and
  • Marina must also receive from the applicant’s Department Chair a letter or email indicating that if selected as the Fellow, the faculty member will be able to be released from 3 WTUs in Spring 2016 (if the faculty member only teaches 4 units courses, please indicate this and we will do our best to adjust the compensation and workload expectations for the fellow).

It is likely that some modifications to the scope, timeline and execution will occur as the project unfolds, and adjustments shall be made in consultation with the FCETL Director. Applications will be reviewed by the members of the Faculty Development Committee On October 20, 2015, and recommendations will be made to the Director of the FCETL and the Vice President for Faculty Affairs and Human Resources. Please contact Marina Gerson with questions –, x3215.

FCETL Director Marina Gerson

Marina M. Gerson is the Director of the Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. She is especially interested in what the data say when it comes to implementing genuine strategies for success in the face-to-face or virtual classroom. This perspective is no doubt a result of many hours mired in statistical analyses; she earned a Ph.D. in Quantitative Biology from University of Texas at Arlington. Marina came to CSU Stanislaus as a Lecturer in 2005 and was hired on the tenure track in 2006, when the previous herpetologist retired; she was promoted to Associate Professor in 2011. She has broadly sampled the Faculty Center’s offerings over the years and encourages you to do the same. Marina invites you to come by the Faculty Development Center to chat pedagogy and share your ideas about how the center can help you to meet your goals. Your every question about lizards, ecology, animal behavior, or the desert are also welcomed.