FCETL Director Marina Gerson

Marina M. Gerson is the Director of the Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. She is especially interested in what the data say when it comes to implementing genuine strategies for success in the face-to-face or virtual classroom. This perspective is no doubt a result of many hours mired in statistical analyses; she earned a Ph.D. in Quantitative Biology from University of Texas at Arlington. Marina came to CSU Stanislaus as a Lecturer in 2005 and was hired on the tenure track in 2006, when the previous herpetologist retired; she was promoted to Associate Professor in 2011. She has broadly sampled the Faculty Center’s offerings over the years and encourages you to do the same. Marina invites you to come by the Faculty Development Center to chat pedagogy and share your ideas about how the center can help you to meet your goals. Your every question about lizards, ecology, animal behavior, or the desert are also welcomed.