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Organize & Build

Fix Missing Grade Center Scroll Bars (PDF)
Manage and Modify your My Courses module (PDF)
Merged Courses (PDF)
Global Navigation and My Blackboard (3:40)
Turn Blackboard Edit Mode ON  [if you can't see all your menus and tool links(PDF)

Getting Started - Course Components (Web Page with Video)

Announcements - Create (2:39)
   • More about Announcements (PDF)
Contact (Faculty Info) - Create (Web Page)
Content Editor - Use (Web Page with Video)
Course Content - Create in Course Area (Web Page)
Course Content - Edit and Manage (Web Page)
Course Entry Point - Design (1:58)
Course Environment - Orientation (PDF)
Course Home Page - Edit (2:17)
Course Menu - Modify (PDF)
    Hide and Show the Course Menu (PDF)
Course-to-Course Navigation - Jump from One Course to Another Quickly  (1:17)

Add or Delete Names Manually - Roster (PDF)
Course Availability - Show/HIde course link to students (PDF)

Beyond Basics

Adding an Avatar - a profile image (2:38)
Blank Page on Course Menu - Create (1:10)
Course Files - About (Web Page)
   Add Files to Course Files (Web Page)
   About Files Added Automatically to Course Files (Web Page)
   Link to Files and Folders inCourse Files (Web Page with Video)
Course Home Page - Edit (2:17)
Course Style Options - Structure, Entry Point, Themes, Menu Style, View (Web Page with Video)
Date Management (Web Page with Video)
Formatting HTML Content (Web Page)
Glossary (Web Page)
Learning Module - How to Create (PDF)
Learning Module - Information (PDF)
Learning Module - Add Content (2:39)
Lesson Plan - Information (PDF)
Lesson Plan - Create (2:47)
Mashup - Create (2:12)
Tool Link - Create (3:05)
Tool Link Availability - Manage (Web Page with Video)
YouTube Video in Text Editor - Create (Web Page)
Video Everywhere (Record from Webcam) (Web Page with Video)
Working with File Attachments (Web Page)

Course Utilities

Copy Course (Web Page)
Course Copy to an Existing Course (PDF)
Export Course (Web Page)
Import Course Package (1:33)
Import Course Package (Web Page)
Course Reports - Generate (Web Page)
Statistics Tracking Report - Create (2:33)


The California State University Affordable Learning Solutions (Web Page)
The California State University - Lower Cost Course Materials (Web Page)
YUZU - Formerly B&N Nook Study (Web Page)

Other Management
        Add a Test Student (PDF)
Archive-Export-Import a Course (PDF)
        Copy or Move Items within or between Courses (PDF)
        Course Contact - Create, Faculty Information (Web Page)
        Task - Create and Manage (2:52)
        YouTube Mashup - Text Box Editor (Web Page)

Blackboard Information

        Blackboard 9 Instructor Guide (Web Page)
        Blackboard 9 Instructor Help Page (Web Page)
        Blackboard 9 Student Guide (Web Page)

My CSUStan

        Documentation for Faculty (Web Page)
        MyCSUStan Entry Page (Web Page)

Bb Best Practices

        Accessibility Features (Web Page)
        Attaching Files (Web Page)
        Benefits of Reflective Learning (PDF)
        Captioning Video Content (Web Page)
        CSU Chico Rubric for Exemplary Online Instruction (Web Page)
        Copyright (Web Page)
        Effective Discussion Questions (Web Page)
        Exemplary Course Rubric (PDF)
        Formatting Accessible Documents (Web Page)
        Group Collaboration (Web Page)
        Journals - Benefits of Reflective Learning (Web Page)
        Reduce your Course Size (Web Page)
        Teaching Strategies for Bb (Web Page with Videos)

Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series Recordings (Web Page with links)

Communication & Collaborate


        Notifications (Web Page)
           Settings (Web Page)
           Types (Web Page)
           Dashboard (Web Page)


        Create Announcements (Web Page with Video)


        Using the Calendar (3:12)


        Blogs (Web Page)
        Create (Web Page with Video)
        Edit and Manage (Web Page)
        Grading (Web Page)

Discussion Board

        Discussion Basics for Instructors (Web Page)
        About Forums and Threads (Web Page with Video)
        Set Up Discussions (Web Page)
        Create Forums (Web Page)
        Create Forums (4:34)
        Create Threads (Web Page)
           Best Practice: Effective Discussion Questions (Web Page)
        Reply to Discussion Posts (Web Page)
        Manage Discussions (Web Page)
        Search and Collect Discussions (Web Page)
        Grade Discussions (Web Page)
        Moderate Discussions (Web Page)
        View Discussion Statistics (Web Page)
        Group Discussions (Web Page)


        Journals - About (Web Page)
          Best Practice:  Benefits of Reflective Learning (Web Page)
       Create a Journal (Web Page)
       Edit and Manage Journals (Web Page)
       Grade Journals (Web Page)


       Wikis (Web Page)
       Create Topics (Web Page)
       Create Pages (Web Page with Video)
       Edit and Manage (Web Page)
       Grading (Web Page)


       Groups (Web Page)
       Course Groups and Tools (Web Page)
           Getting Started with Groups (PDF)
       Create Groups (Web Page)
       Enroll Students in a Group (Web Page)
       Edit Groups (Web Page)
       Remove a User from a Group (Web Page)
       Send Email to a Group (Web Page)
       Manage Groups (Web Page)
       Create Group Assignment (Web Page)
       Grade Group Assignment (Web Page)

Send Email (Web Page with Video)

Tasks (Web Page with Video)

Blackboard Collaborate (Web Page)
Blackboard Collaborate Handbook (PDF)
        Blackboard Collaborate Launcher (Web Page)

Bb Mobile

        Feature Guide by Device (PDF)
        Handout for Faculty (PDF)
        Mobile-Friendly Courses - Best Practices (PDF)
        Mobile-Friendly Courses - Getting Started (PDF)
        Mobile Learn Device Demos (Web Page)



        Accessibility Information (Web Page)
        Accessible Course Content  Create (PDF)
        Adding Adaptive Release Criteria (Web Page)
​        Controlling the Release of Content - Adaptive Release (Web Page)
        Managing Adaptive Release Rules (Web Page)
        Test Availability Exceptions (PDF)

Bb Assignment Link

        ​Assignments - Create and Edit (Web Page)
        ​Assignment - Create, Screen Shots (PDF)
        ​Inline Assignment Grading - for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF files (PDF)
        ​Inline Assignment Grading - view, annotate, download (Web Page with Video)
        ​Download Assignments (Web Page)
        ​Self and Peer Assessment (Web Page)

Turn It In Assignment

        ​TII Bb9 Instructor Manual (PDF)
        ​TII File Type and Word Processor Compatibility (Web Page)
        ​TII Help Center (Web Page)
        ​TII Resources for Educators (Web Page)
        ​TII System Requirements (Web Page)

        ​TII on iPad - 1. Getting Started (Web Page with Video)
        ​TII on iPad - 2. Adding Comments ( Web Page with Video)
        ​TII on iPad - 3. Grade Overview (Web Page with Video)
        ​CSU Stanislaus TII Information Page (Web Page)

Tests, Surveys, and Pools

        ​Getting Started - Create Tests and Surveys (Web Page)
        ​Create a Test (4:47)
        ​Set Test Options (1:55)
        ​-- (Web Pages) --
        ​Edit Tests and Questions
        ​Test and Survey Options
        ​Deploy Tests and Surveys
        ​Test and Survey Question Status
        ​Test and Survey Results
        ​Change Question Settings
        ​Add Question Metadata
        ​Offer Partial Credit
        ​Reuse Questions
        ​Create and Edit a Random Block
        ​Create Question Sets
        ​Upload Questions
        ​Use the Pool Canvas
        ​Create and Edit Pools
        ​Import Tests, Survey, and Pools
        ​Export Tests, Surveys, and Pools
        ​Grade Tests
        ​Run an Item Analysis
        ​Help Student Resolve Issues with Tests
Question Types (Web Pages)
        ​Calculated Formula
        ​Calculate Numeric
        ​File Response
        ​Fill in Multiple Blanks
        ​Fill in the Blank
        ​Hot Spot
        ​Jumbled Sentence
        ​Multiple Answer
        ​Multiple Choice
        ​Opinion Scale and Likert
        ​Quiz Bowl
        ​Short Answer
        ​True or False


Test Questions (Videos)
        ​Create a Test Question (2:36)
        ​Build a Pool of Test Questions (1:41)
        ​Create a Random Block of Test Questions (3:08)
        ​Upload Test Questions from Microsoft Excel (2:24)


Grade Center
        Create and Manage Grade Center Columns  (Web Page)  
        Weighting Grades in the Blackboard Grade Center (PDF)
​​        How to Grade Discussions, Blogs, Journals, Wikis (2:32)
        ​Use Grade Details to see Attempts and Assign Grades (1:28)
        ​Download and Upload Grades (2:39)
        ​Create a Smart View (2:06)
        ​Color Code (1:44)
        ​Anonymous Grading (2:35)
        Bb Grader - Free - Requires: iPad Mini, iPad 2; iOS7 (Web Page)

Additional Information
        ​Download and Print the Bb Grade Center as a Spreadsheet (Web Page)
        ​Set Grade Center Due Dates (PDF)
        ​Set Safari Prefs to keep a file zipped (PDF)
        ​Unzip Files from the Bb Grade Center (PDF)
        ​Upload Test Questions (Web Page)

Third Party Tools

        ​Respondus - Test creation, management, and publishing software for Windows (Web Page)
        ​Student Response System - i>Clicker (Web Page)

Analytics for Learn

        ​Blackboard Analytics for Learn (A4L) (PDF)

Faculty Analytics for Learn Help Files
Activity and Grade Scatter Plot (PDF)
         Activity Matrix (PDF)
         Course at Glance (PDF)
         Course Submission Summary (PDF)

Student Help File

        ​Student at a Glance (PDF)

Other Assessment Tools

        ​Automatically Adjust Dates in a Copied Course (3:12)
        ​Create Item Statistics Report (2:33)
        ​Course Reports (Web Page)
        ​Item Analysis (5:00)
        ​Performance Dashboard (Web Page)
        ​​Retention Center (Web Page with Video)