Forced Sterilization, The Longest Walk and Religious Freedom

Event date

Thursday, April 22, 2021 - 11:15am to 12:15pm



Who's invited

Campus Community & Public


Dr. Cueponcaxochitl


(209) 667-3258

Marge Grow Eppard

Accessibility Information

Persons with disabilities who need accommodations or have questions about access may contact the program sponsoring the event, as listed above.

Event Details

Join our guest speaker Marge Grow-Eppard in an upcoming event. 

About the Speaker

Elder and voting member of the California Miwok Tribe. Facilitator for White Bison Red Road to Wellbreity - A Native American 12 Step meeting incorporating the Medicine Wheel, 4 Directions, and Walking the Red Road with teachings from many Elders including the founder Don Coyhis. Facilitator for Survivors of Homicide-A Talking Circle to help the Healing of trauma from Missing and Murdered family members. Brought by the White Bison Red Road to Wellbreity. 

Women’s Spiritual Leader.
Grandmother of the Sacred White Deer Lodge.
Support Group Director of AIMFOOTHILLS-Cen CA
Women’s Warrior Society Staff Carrier
MMIW&P Eagle Staff Carrier
Permaculture Specialist
Indigenous Women of America’s Treaty Signer

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