TESOL Certificate Program

Over the last three decades, the TESOL Certificate has proven to be a valuable addition to multiple or single-subject credentials for teachers in California schools as well as a qualification to obtain jobs overseas in either English language institutes, K-12 schools, or colleges.

The TESOL Certificate, which is issued by the Department of English, is awarded to English majors and minors who complete the TESOL Concentration. It may also be earned by students who are not English majors as 1) an add-on to the Liberal Studies TESOL Concentration, or 2) a freestanding certificate consisting of seven courses in English. Fluency in a foreign language is not required.

The TESOL Certificate requires the following coursework (students must earn a C or better in all these classes):

  1. ENGL 3009 or LS 3009, Writing for Teachers, 3 units
  2. ENGL 3700 Introduction to Language, 3 units
  3. ENGL 4615 TESOL Methods, 3 units
  4. ENGL 4600 Tutorial Projects, 3 units
  5. ENGL 4800 or LS 4800, Second Language Acquisition, 3 units
  6. ENGL 4850 English Grammar, 3 units
  7. ENGL 4991 TESOL Senior Seminar, 4 units