Stephen Bayard Stryker, Ph.D.


TESOL at Stan 
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Lecture on Content-Based Instruction

Fall 2018

English 4850 Grammar, Section 1
Monday- Wednesday:  3:30 to 4:45, D-028

English 4615:  TESOL Methods, Section 1
Monday 6:00- 8:40, C-115


Demergasso-Bava Hall, Room 235-F

Monday: 2:00 to 3:20, 5:00 to 600
Tuesday: 2:00 to 4:00
Wednesday: 2:00 to 3:20
and by appointment (email)

Phone: 667-3075

Stephen Stryker
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Building: Library Building 
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235F DBH - See Map

Phone: (209) 667-3075
FAX: (209) 667-3720


1992 to present: Professor, Department of English, California State University Stanislaus (Turlock, CA): Coordinator of TESOL Programs, and adjunct faculty in Spanish.

  • Director of Stanislaus Winter program in Cuernavaca, Mexico, 2003-2010.  
  • Developer and teacher of high intensity language teaching (HILT) Spanish curriculum (Spanish 1000) 1993-2008.  
  • Chair of campus Self-Study Team (for WASC), 2005-2010  
  • Campus coordinator, writer, and editor for WASC Reaccreditation Report and campus visit, 1996-1999.
  • Author of Stanislaus President’s (Marvalene Hughes) Annual Reports 2000-2001, andSeven-Year Report, 2002.
  • Author and editor of Content Based Instruction in Foreign Language Education, Georgetown University Press, 1997.
  • Leader of Fulbright Group Program in Venezuela, summer, 1997.

1990-1992:  Special Assistant to the Provost for Academic Affairs, California State University Stanislaus: coordination and administrative support for faculty and curriculum development projects. 

  • Adjunct Professor in departments of Modern Languages, Teacher Education, and English. 
  • Adjunct lecturer at Monterey Institute of International Studies, 1995-96.
  • Summer visiting professor at University of Arizona (Tucson) in Second Language Learning and Teaching (SLAT) doctoral program, 1991-93.

1984-1989:  Head of the Spanish Department of the Foreign Service Institute (FSI), U.S. Department of State, Washington, D.C.: personnel management, budgeting, planning, proficiency testing and evaluation, curriculum development, text writing, teacher training, and inter-agency liaison with NSA, CIA, Diplomatic Security, Congress, and Defense Department.

1972-1984: Academic Director, Language First Inc., Tucson, Arizona, 1982-84.

  • Instructor of Spanish, Portuguese, and ESL, and lecturer in ESL Methodology, University of Arizona (Tucson).  Spanish Instructor: Pima College.
  • Federal Title VII Fellow for doctoral work, 1981-84.  Ph D, University of Arizona, Educational Foundations and Administration (Second Language Education).  Other degrees: MA in Bilingual Education/ESL, MA in Spanish Literature, BA in Latin American Studies.
  • Instructor of Spanish and ESL, Instituto Norteamericano, Seville, Spain, 1972-73. 
  • Instructor of ESL, Instituto Americano de Linguas, Lisbon, Portugal, 1976-78

1968-1972:  U.S. Army, Military Intelligence: Case Officer and Intelligence Analyst for U.S. Army Field Activities Command, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico.  Rank: Captain.

Overseas residence and languages:  Ten years residence outside of USA:  Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Spain, and Portugal.  
* Foreign languages: Spanish (FSI rating 4+) and Portuguese (FSI rating 2+).