Dr. Dennis Sayers

Dennis Sayers



Dr. Dennis Sayers is a Professor in the Department of Advanced Studies in Education and Director of Interdisciplinary Studies. Prof. Sayers experiences include serving as Senior Research Scholar at the University of Californias Educational Research Center (1995-97) and as Teacher-Researcher at Center for Accelerated Learning in Fresno Unified School District (1997-2001). Among his numerous scholarly achievements is publication of the book, titled Literacy, technology, and diversity, a book he co-authored with Jim Cummins and Kristin Brown. Another book, Discovering classroom linguistics: Research-based visual approaches for language awareness, is expected to be published in June 2007. For six years, Dr. Sayers served as editor of the monthly  Language-Minority Students and Technology€ column of the National Association for Bilingual Education News.  He also served for two years as associate editor and column editor of €œTechnology and Diversity€ in Multicultural Education, a publication of the National Association for Multicultural Education.  Among the courses taught at CSU Stanislaus include:  Introduction to Educational Research; Analysis and Strategies; Multilingual Education in the Content Area; and Reading/Language Arts.  Prof. Sayers received a doctorate in Teaching, Curriculum and Learning Environments from Harvard University.