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CSU Stanislaus Grad School Thesis Resources: forms, thesis formatting and preparation guidelines, etc.

Great website on designing scientific posters.

CEGE offers many workshops, seminars, and fellowships to help grad students develop and write their theses. Check out the CEGE website for info. If the applications are not up to date on their website, contact the CEGE office for more details and updated applications.

Jan. 31, 2012: The FAFSA is due on March 3rd! The Office of Financial Aid is offering a FAFSA drop in session for students to get help: Monday, Feb. 6th at 10am and Tuesday, Feb. 7th at 2 pm. C105 Conference Room.

Posted Sept. 12, 2011: Will your research involve human subjects, even for surveys or observations? If so, you'll need to get approved by the University Institutional Review Board. To find out more, attend this workshop: "Navigating the University Institutional Review Board (UIRB) Process" Facilitated by: Cathlin Davis, Department of Liberal Studies. Wednesday, September 14, 4-5 pm, FDC114, OR Thursday Sept. 15, 2-3 pm (FDC114).

The University Institutional Review Board reviews all research on our campus that involves human subjects, from interviews and surveys to observations. Come learn about the process of gaining UIRB approval, and the need for review in the first place. Learn how to write a protocol and informed consent letter. Graduate students welcome. Members of the committee will be present to answer any specific questions you have about your research.To RSVP, please contact Ximena Garcia at

Posted Aug. 29, 2011: The CEGE Center at CSU Stanislaus is offering a workshop miniseries entitled "Starting Your Thesis." The purpose of this workshop is to: share strategies for identifying and narrowing a research topic; help students understand how to navigate the thesis/project/dissertation process; share strategies for selecting and working effectively with an advisor and committee; and provide information regarding resources available for completing the thesis/project/dissertation. This workshop will be delivered as a miniseries, with two successive sessions: Thursday, October 6 from 5-7 pm, and Thursday, October 20, from 5-7 pm in MSR160. Students must RSVP at Seats are limited.

Posted Aug. 29, 2011: The CEGE Center at CSU Stanislaus is offering the Graduate Writing Residency Writing Program (WRP), a 4-session program designed to help you write your thesis. Each session is 4 hours, and contains the following components:

  • overview of elements of a thesis/project/dissertation
  • sustained writing time among a cohort of graduate students sharing a writing community over the period of the module, and
  • writing feedback from a writing coach and peers in the cohort.

The WRP sessions for natural sciences are on Wednesdays: 10/5, 10/19, 11/2, and 11/16. You must submit an application by Monday, September 12. Contact Dr. Cover for an application.