The M.S. in Ecology and Sustainability is a multidisciplinary program that draws upon biology and other natural sciences, economics, policy, management, and other disciplines. All members of the Department of Biological Sciences are considered to be potential instructors and thesis advisors in the program. Thesis committees are required to have at least two faculty members from the Department of Biological Sciences. A third member of the thesis committee can come from any department on campus. University faculty who frequently teach courses and advise graduate students include:

Elvin Alemán (Chemistry):
Physical chemistry, photophysical characterization, DNA base flipping, biofuels. ealeman@csustan.edu Ph. 209-667-3783

Ritin Bhaduri (Biology):
​Marine and estuarine ecology, invertebrate zoology. rbhaduri@csustan.edu Ph. 209-667-3485

David Colnic (Politics and Public Administration):
Environmental policy, politics of sustainability, global water initiatives, borderland environmental management. dcolnic@csustan.edu Ph. 209-667-3520

Jennifer Cooper (Biology):
​Evolution of behavior in mammals. jcooper3@csustan.edu Ph. 209-667-6694

Matthew Cover (Biology):
Stream ecology, restoration ecology, biological monitoring of water quality, aquatic entomology, with a focus on Megaloptera. mcover@csustan.edu Ph. 209-667-3603

Michael Fleming (Biology):
Ecology (communities and populations, plant/animal interactions), science education (metacognition, identifying and correcting misconceptions in biology, learning how to learn in the sciences).   mfleming1@csustan.edu Ph. 209-664-6923.

Marina Gerson (Biology):
Ecology, herpetology, behavioral ecology, evolution, desert biology, tropical biology. mgerson@csustan.edu Ph. 209-664-6547.

Mark Grobner (Biology):
Developmental biology, mammalian preimplantation embryo development. mgrobner@csustan.edu Ph. 209-667-3628.

Peggy Hauselt (Geography):
GIS modeling of agricultural effects on environmental and biogeographic landscapes in the western United States, East Asia, and the Caribbean. PHauselt@csustan.edu Ph. 209-667-3557.

Terry Jones (Biology):
Vertebrate functional morphology and paleobiology. tdjones@csustan.edu Ph. 209-667-3488.

Patrick Kelly (Biology):
Mammalian ecology and conservation, habitat management for endangered kangaroo rats and viability analyses for the San Joaquin kit fox and other animals.patrickk@esrp.csustan.edu Ph. 209-667-3446.

Ann Kohlhaas (Biology):
Ecology, behavior, and conservation of vertebrates, especially primates, other mammals and birds. akohlhaas@csustan.edu Ph. 209-667-3695.

Alison McNally (Geography):
​Biogeography, conservation, remote sensing, GIS, geomorphology. amcnally@csustan.edu Ph. 209-667-3726.

Brian Sardella (Biology):
Physiology of fish and other aquatic animals in extreme environments. bsardella@csustan.edu Ph. 209-667-3483

Kenneth Schoenly (Biology):
Invertebrate ecology, forensic entomology, ecological agriculture and biological control. kschoenly@csustan.edu Ph. 209-667-3949.

Rebekah Shrader (Economics):
​Agricultural and natural resources economics. rshrader@csustan.edu Ph. 209-667-6618.

My Lo Thao (Biology):
Genetics and evolution of endosymbiotic bacteria-insect associations, environmental microbiology (bioremediation), and molecular biology. mthao@csustan.edu Ph. 209-667-3649.

Stuart Wooley (Biology):
Plant-herbivore interactions, interactions between above- and below-ground organisms- particularly those that are symbiotic. Improving educational practices in biology or other science teaching. swooley@csustan.edu Ph. 209-664-6926.