Testing Students with Disabilities

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Students with disabilities may require modification of routine classroom testing procedures in order to be properly evaluated. To meet both the letter and the spirit of the law, methods of testing must neither advantage nor disadvantage the student. Feel free to call the Disabled Student Services Office if you have concerns regarding testing.

Testing modifications may include extended test time, a separate testing environment, use of a computer or other adaptive equipment, or the assistance of a reader or scribe.

Instructors sometimes comment that "All students would like to have extended time on tests." True...but not all students benefit equally from extended time. Some recent studies done with learning disabled students, for example, suggest that learning disabled students increase test scores substantially when given extra time, while non-learning disabled students do not.

If the student is only requesting extended time, you might want to arrange for the student to take the test in your office. If so, please be sure that the office is quiet and accessible, and that the student will not be interrupted, since this can be both embarrassing and distracting to the student.

If test adaptations are going to be made through Disability Resource Services, it is the responsibility of the student to contact you and obtain your signature (on a form supplied by our office) which will indicate to DRS your consent to out of class, special testing arrangements. The student must submit this form to DRS at least three to five working days before the test. Once the test has been scheduled with our office, the student will present you with a form on which DRS has indicated the test date. You will complete the form, indicating your instructions for how the test is to be administered (time limits, open/closed book, aids, etc.) and instructions for return of the completed test. This form should be attached to the test. We will be glad to pick the test up from the Department Secretary the day before the exam. However, if you will not be able to have it ready two hours before the DRS Office scheduled time, you should call and make arrangements for delivery.

DRS makes every effort to insure the security of tests, and our proctors are trained in procedures for test administration.