Research Assistants

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Research assistant are available to assist students in the library to do required research. The assistant will accompany the student to the library and assist as directed. It is the student€™s responsibility to know the library and where to find the necessary materials. If there are questions, you should ask the librarians for assistance.

You must give 5 working days notice to DRS when requesting assistance for research work. Research reading is a very difficult form of reading. The reader will be following your directions to find specific materials in a text. You may have the reader read the tables of contents, indexes or other similar references. Once you have found the material, the reader will read this onto tape. You provide the tape and tape recorder. In some cases, the assistant may write short notes. Assistants are not allowed to define words, edit material, or proofread your work. You and your assistant need to find time to work together in the library. It is not the research assistant€™s role to do research without your being involved and leading the direction for the research.

The DRS staff wishes to remain flexible on the time commitment. If, however, the research demands become too lengthy, DRS reserve the right to restrict the hours.

Lab Assistance
DRS may provide paid lab assistant when warranted. You will carefully guide the assistant through all laboratory processes. It is your responsibility to explain how to do the procedure. The assistant is intended to act as your eyes, hands, and/or ears for the purpose of accommodations. Any conclusion resulting from the lab exercise is your responsibility. It is not the role of the lab assistant to participate in class. It is recommended that you meet with the lab assistant and lab instructor prior to the beginning of class.