PCDI Grant Program - Call for Proposals

AY 2017-2018

Campus Climate Grant Program

Stanislaus State is committed to establishing and maintaining efforts that make our campus community welcoming, diverse, and inclusive. To support these efforts the PCDI has developed a grant program to fund projects, events, and activities that foster a campus climate based on equity, diversity, inclusivity, and social justice. Proposals that integrate and advance these principles in substantive ways in the campus community will be considered.


The PCDI grant program can be used for the following purposes:

  • To organize and promote workshops, clubs, lectures, forums, orientations, and other projects, events, or activities that foster a campus climate of diversity, inclusivity, equity, and social justice.
  • To recruit and retain historically underrepresented and underserved students, faculty, or staff.


The PCDI's budget subcommittee will review proposals for two funding cycles during academic year 2017-2018, due November 1, 2017 and February 15, 2018. At least 40% of available funding will be available for the first cycle and 60% of available funding will be reserved for the second cycle of review. Unfunded applications from the first review cycle may be considered in the second review if requested by the applicant.


  • All faculty, staff, and student organizations are eligible to submit proposals.
  • A sponsoring student organization, academic program/department, or administrative office is required.
  • Only projects, events, and activities conducted on campus will be considered.
  • No more than two proposals will be awarded to a single faculty, staff, or student organization.


  • The maximum award is $1,000. The actual amount of an award will take into account the extent of available funding in light of the number of requests received.
  • Proposals will be judged primarily on their potential to foster a campus climate based on equity, diversity, inclusivity, and social justice (see attached rubric for details).
  • Upon award, faculty, staff, and student organizations are responsible for following University procedures and policies regarding expenditures and implementing proposed events and activities.
  • A final report (1 page) describing the outcomes of funds expended must be completed and submitted to PCDI by June 1, 2018. Awardees who do not submit a final report will not be eligible for future grants.

Application Procedure

  • Proposals must be submitted through the PCDI online grant application process.
  • Include and identify the following components:
    1. Title and description of the proposed project, event, or activity (350 words or less). Please be as clear and specific as possible and address the following: a) Who and how many will participate or be involved; b) How the project, event, or activity will be implemented c) The impact and outcomes; and d) How the project, event, or activity is aligned with the goals of the grant program and PCDI.
    2. Budget and rationale (200 words or less). Itemize and justify expenses for this project, event, or activity. The request should fit within the scope of the proposed project, event, or activity. Funding can be used for supplies, printing, Chartwells catering, honorariums, and facility and equipment rental. Other requests must provide a justifiable rationale that follows University guidelines and policies regarding expenses and expenditures.
    3. Timeline of completion (must be completed by May 2018).

Download: Printer-Friendly Version and the Rubric.pdf